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None of them, it's on 3T's album Brotherhood.

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Michael Jackson recorded the album and song "Thriller."

If you mean the song where Michael Jackson says "why oh why? Tell them that is human nature"? If so, this song is called Human nature and it is part of the Thriller Album.

The song Heal the world was released in 1992. Heal the world was never the name of an album produced by Michael Jackson, although the song Heal the world is written by Michael Jackson.

man in the mirror is on the album bad.It is by Michael Jackson.

Remember the Time is on the Dangerous album.

It is on Paul McCartney's Pipes of Peace album.

The first song Michael Jackson was credited for writing was "Blues Away" off of the 1976 album The Jacksons.

Michael made the song "Speechless" in 2001 which is on the 2001 album "Invincible".

Yes, it's a song from the Dangerous album.

Michael Jackson's song Ben was on the album Ben. It was his 2nd solo album. It was also his first solo number 1 hit. The song Ben was also on a movie of the same name. Hope this helps. God Bless. RIP Michael Jackson.

Yes, it's on the Dangerous album.

It is, it was the Ultimate Collection album.

Michael Jackson wrote the song "Heal The World " in 1991 for the dangerous album.

Michael Jackson. The "Man in the Mirror" song was sung by Michael Jackson in 1988. The song made the Billboards Hot 100 for two weeks and was the fourth single released off the "Bad" album. This was Michael Jackson's seventh album release.

'In the Closet' was featured on the Michael Jackson album 'Dangerous'. It was the third single released from that album, and the song made it to number 6 on the Billboard Top 100.

The song was "They Dont Care About Us" from the HIStory album.

The most popular album of Michael Jackson was Thriller.

I expect that there will shortly be a posthumous album.

Both Bad the album and the song were released in 1987.

She Drives Me Wild from the Dangerous album.

Speechless was on the Invincible album released on 2001.

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