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What NCAA team has won the BCS title the most?


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LSU has the most BCS National championship wins in 1963,1968,1970,1973,1974,1989,1990,1991,1997,2003, and 2007 totaling 11 BCS titles won the most in NCAA history.The team with the second most wins are the Florida gators with 6 BCS titles 1911,1976,1996,1995,2006, and 2009.


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Florida and LSU have the most BCS Championships


yes it is almost impossible though, with their weak conference they would have to face the preseason 1-2-3-4 in non conference games and hope that those teams dont lose for the rest of the season, and destroy every team they face, but if they cant do that they are not in a BCS qualifing conference so realisticly no they wont win the BCS Title

"The BCS National Championship Game, presented by Allstate."

Florida and LSU have each won two BCS championships. No one else has won more than one.

Alabama, Florida and LSU have each won two BCS championships. No one else has won more than 1 title during the BCS era. If Alabama wins this year, they will have the most with 3

LSU Tigers / shared it with USC, the better team that year, but the BCS blows so they didn't pick the right team for LSU to play.

Alabama won the national BCS championship.

Alabama Crimson Tide with 14 1925,1926,1930,1934,1941,1961,1964,1965,1973,1978,1979,1992,2009,2012

The top team for the 2011 season has yet to be determined (LSU or Alabama).BCS Champion for 2010 - Auburn (beat Oregon 22-19)BCS Champion for 2009 - Alabama (beat Texas 37-21)BCS Champion for 2008 - Florida (beat Oklahoma 24-14)National Championships - historicallySince 1936, the teams with the most #1 poll rankings have been Notre Dame and Alabama, with 8 top rankings each.BCS Championships - historicallySince the BCS championship series began in 1998, Louisiana State (LSU) and Florida are tied with 2 BCS wins each.

Nebraska in their defeat of the University of Florida.

Oklahoma won 1 BCS National Title (2000).

The team with the highest ranking in the final BCS poll before the game

1988 was pre BCS. However, Notre Dame beat West Virginia 34-21 to wim the title. Both teams were previously unbeaten.

Personally or in my opinion, I believe that the crimson tide, University of Alabama,is the most popular nickname considering that they have the most BCS National Championships and that they are the reigning bcs national champions for 2009.

2006. Florida defeated Ohio State in both the BCS National Championship Football game and the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

No, their last national title was won 1997, the year before the BCS was invented in 1998.

On January 7, 2012, Alabama defeated Notre Dame, by the score of 42-14, to win the BCS National Championship.

A BCS team is a an FBS team that is one of the "Power Confrences: Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Big East, Pac 10, ACC, Notre Dame ( the only Independent in BCS) and soon the Mountain West. These confrences were selected to the BCS because they filled the Big Bowls prior to the BCS. The BCS is just like the American Economy, the allocation of funds is just not equal, but with the mass media, ESPN U, and talk radio smaller school are gettin big time coverage, and with good players wanting to play as soon as they get to campus such confrences like the Mountain West gain popularity, but it is not the upper class schools of the smaller confrence, but the bottom feeders that is excluding schools such as Boise State. Wyoming is a prime example of keeping the Mountain West out. But the BCS is a joke; keep the bowl games and have a playoff!!!!! The phrase "BCS football team" varies in its usage. The phrase differs according to whether you are a have or a have-not. Have-Nots: Participants in recent congressional hearings used the phrase to mean a team in one of the 6 BCS conferences (or Notre Dame, which gets preferential treatment by the BCS). A "BCS Conference" would be a conference with a tie-in to one of the BCS bowls. Haves: The teams in the BCS conferences use the phrase to mean a team playing in a BCS bowl. With his team ranked eighth in the BCS, Phil Fulmer of Tennessee said, "I do believe we are capable of being a BCS football team." The BCS is a rankings made by computers. For more details go to

If asking how a team would rise from FCS to BCS then that is up to the school itself and the NCAA. The school needs to meet certain requisites to be considered by the NCAA. Things like facilities Stadium size and capacity and school enrollment.

None in the BCS era. They do have one national title in 1980 or 81, I believe with Herschel Walker!

Only five schools have failed to make a single NCAA Tournament since the NCAA adopted the "Division 1" format in 1947.Northwestern is the only "BCS" conference team to never reach the tournament. The other four schools are Army, William & Mary, Saint Francis NY and The Citadel.

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