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What NFL player(s) wears jersey #65

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A Quarterback - e.g JaMarcus Russell

Byron Westbrook of the Washington Redskins wears jersey number 34

I know one Denver Broncos .

Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings.

Larry Fitzgerald WR Arizona.

brian urlacher of the chicago bears

what NFL player wears #60

Bob Lilly is one of themwillimas #74 cowboys \

Vinny Testaverde wore number 16 .

In the NFL, jersey numbers 20-49 are typically given to running backs or defensive backs.

Mike Wallace- Pittsburgh Steelers

asante Samuel for the philadelphia eagles wears #22, Matt forte for the Chicago bears wears #22

Chris Brown RB Tennessee titans

derek ward HB for the Tampa Bay Bucs

Right now, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is the highest selling jersey, not only the number one selling jersey in the NFL but of all major sports.

I know that Nathan Hodel Long Snapper of the New England Patriots wears it.

Quite a few like Chicago Bears #13 Johnny Knox and Arizona Cardinals #13 Kurt Warner. 13 is an unlucky number, but it is just inevitable on NFL jerseys.

Please complete your question.

Jared Allen of the Vikings does! Best defensive end of all time.

Brandon Meriweather, New England Patriots. He's a beast safety!

Matt Ryan is plays in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. His jersey has the number 2. He won the Super Bowl in 2012 with the Falcons.

Falcons QB Matt Ryan - good, not great.

Jermaine Gresham for the Bengals

Here are the list of players on the 1978 NFL Lunchbox. The player in the Rams jersey is Pat Haden The player in the Cowboys jersey is Tony Dorsett The player in the Raiders jersey is Ted Hendricks The player in the Steelers jersey is Franco Harris The player in the Broncos jersey is if I am correct it might be Claudie Minor or Don Latimer