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Q: What NFL team is named after credit card users?
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What NFL team is named for credit card users?


What NFL team is nicknamed credit card users?

the chargers

What football team is the credit card users?

The San Diego "Chargers"

What football team is nicknamed the credit card users?


What nfl team was named after a credit card?

The Los Angeles Chargers.

What pro football team is the credit card user?

Chargers Chargers

How did the San Diego Chargers get their name?

The team's original owner, Baron Hilton, named the Los Angeles Chargers after the Carte Blanche charge card he developed. The most common theory appears to be that the Chargers were named after the newly introduced Carte Blanche credit card. The first team owner, Barron Hilton, was then the first president of the Carte Blanche credit card company formed in 1959 by his Father Conrad Hilton. Credit cards were still a new thing back then and people who used them were called "Chargers". The credit card company was losing money and he wanted to promote the use of his cards hence the name "Los Angeles Chargers" was born. When the team move to San Diego they kept the Charger name.

How do you become Credit card issuer?

You need LOTS of money, a clean credit history, clean criminal record and a team of guarantors... and that's just for starters.

How did the San Diego Chargers get there name?

Team founder Barron Hilton used a credit card and wanted to use the term Charge in the team name.

Why do the San Diego Chargers use a large H in their logo?

Hilton was their team owner. He invented the credit card.

Who were the first iPad users?

The first iPad users were the Apple team who developed it.

Is there a Mexican sport team named the Ridaz?

No there is no team named Ridaz.

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