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In no particular order.........Hurons, Algonkians, Mohawks, Iroquois, Oneida, Seneca, Onandoga, Missisaugas. All of the above had territory in what is now New York state. Many of them were driven out by the Americans, and they moved to what is now the Canadian Province of Ontario, and in particular to the Six Nations reserve, at Brantford, which is named after Joeseph Brant a great chief of the 6 nations confederacy. The British gave the 6 Nations land and food and protection against the raids by the Americans, who were trying to kill off the Indians so the land could be taken from them by the advancing American settlers. In return for that protection, the 6 Nations fought as allies to the British in the war of the American revolutuion, and they were also a decisive factor in the surrender of Fort Detroit, during the war of 1812, when the U.S. commander surrendered without a shot being fired, because the Americans were so afraid of the Indians, that accompanied the British troops who had surrounded the fort. Jim B. Toronto.

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Q: What Native Americans lived in New York before it was a colony?
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