What Native Americans lived in Ohio?

Long before Ohio existed the area was home to people of the Palaeo-Indian culture; then the Archaic culture; then the Glacial Kame people; then the Adena Hopewell and Cole cultures. These were all prehistoric groups living in the Ohio country and beyond.

Just into the historic period (the arrival of Europeans) the area was home to the Fort Ancient and Erie people, about whom very little is known. The Fort Ancient people lived in the southern part of the state, the Erie or Whittlesey people in the north. These may have been the ancestors of the Erie tribe who were wiped out by the Iroquois around 1654.

From that time the Ohio country was home to many tribes who moved into (sometimes through) the area: Kickapoo, Shawnee, Delaware, Miami, Ottawa, Seneca and Wyandot (Huron).