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The New Deal program, Works Progress Administration, better known as the WPA, affected the lives of American workers. Monthly salary averaged $41.57, and put many out-of-work Americans back on the job.

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What New Deal programs continue to affect the lives of American workers?

Social Security Administration

How did national trades union affect the lives of workers?


Which American leader worked to improve the lives of farm workers?

Cesar Chavez

How did the Rhode Island system and the Lowell system change the lives of American workers?

The rhode island system and the lowell system changed the lives of american workers by it gave the people a chance to work and have a job and to earn money

How did Cesar chavez fight to improve the lives of latin American farm workers?

he did things

How did this invention or development urban planning affect American lives?

they affect there lives because it saved time and made deleveries easier and faster to arrive.

How did the Indian removal act affect the native American lives?

their land was taken away from them so they struggled to live normal native american lives

How did the American revolution affect the daily lives of Americans?

it changed peoples live

How did machines change workers lifes?

Some machines had a negative affect on the lives of workers. More machinery meant less was done by hand which meant that less workers were needed. Of course machinery also made some jobs easier for workers.

How were migrant workers affected on their family lives?

All workers family lives are affected by their jobs.

How did unemployment during the Great Depression affect lives of American workers?

The Great Depression was a horid time many people were sick and starving, people died...families got split apart it was total destruction to the human race

How did the cotton gin affect American lives?

It makes the work easier and faster. But not high quality.

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The bible affect the lives of christians today?The bible affect the lives of christians today?

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How did the Holocaust affect the lives of American Jews?

Many American Jews - probably the majority - had relatives who were victims of the Holocaust. It was the cause of much anxiety and grief.

How did machines change workers lives?

Machines changed workers lives by making their jobs much easier especially in factories. However, it led to the need for less workers as machines replaced people.

How did Jackie Robinson affect lives of people today?

he was the first African American to play baseball on the Major League

How does a transverse wave affect your daily lives?

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How did the Spanish American war affect the lives of people at home in the US?

Because it was of such short duration, it had little effect on the homefront.

How did the HUAC affect American lives during the Cold War?

Many people were paranoid that they were going to get accused of being communist.

How did the world wide web affect the lives of people?

how did the world wide web affect our lives?

How did Sojourner Truth affect your lives?

sojouner truth affect our lives by being such a great person!

How atheist affect peoples lives?

This is a very broad question. How does anyone affect anyone's lives?

Explain three effects of the industrial revolution on the lives of the workers?

Three effects of the Industrial Revolution on the lives of the workers include creating pollution, shorten the life span of workers and increasing the gap between the rich and the poor.

What were signs of American business success in the 1920s?

Some signs that American businesses in the 1920s were experiencing success was workers no longer being subject to standing in ration lines. Another indication of success was with the new inventions and advancements that improved American lives.

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