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It is hard to know with only a couple of identifying marks, but here are some ideas: -Evening grosbeak (also has white bands on the wings, and a thick beak). Warblers (small birds with think, pointy beaks): -Yellow Rumped Wabler (yellow patch on side, dark back, black face mask, yellow or white throat, white wing bands, yellow "dot" on top of head) -Blackburnian Warbler (orange yellow under throat, fades to white under tail, one large white wing band, stripey black and orange face) -Magnolia Warbler (gray head, black mask, white wing band, black back, yellow underneath and on sides, stipey sides, too) If the bird in question is a duck, than it is probably a wood duck (very colorful, head tuft, yellowish patch on side and dark back). Other things to look for are beak shape, general size of the bird, eye stripes, wing bands, tail length and shape...all of these characteristics help make identifying birds easier.

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Q: What Pennsylvania bird has a black mark on its back and has yellowish green markings on the sides?
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