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The Earth's orbit is an ellipse rather than a circle; the percentage of the Sun's radiation that hits the Earth varies VERY slightly from January, when Earth is closest to the Sun, to July, when Earth is farthest away. But let's assume that it is a circle, and see what the math says.

The Earth is about 93,000,000 miles from the Sun. The cross-section of the Earth is approximately circular, with a radius about 3950 miles, so the cross-sectional area of the Earth is about pi * 3950^2, or 49,016,699 square miles.

The area of a sphere with the radius of 1 Astronomical Unit is 93,000,000^2*4*pi or 108,686,539,000,000,000 square miles. (Approximately!) Let's assume that the Sun radiates equally in all directions, which is approximately true based on a couple of solar probes that orbit the Sun in polar orbits. It might be off by some trivial factor, but we don't have enough data to know with precision.

So, 49,016,699 square miles of Earth / 108,686,539,000,000,000 square miles of the orbital shell = .000000045%. So, at a close approximation, "Very little".

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When the suns energy reaches the earth it gets what by the earth?

Some of the suns energy is absorbed by the earth, while some is reflected.

How suns energy reaches earth through conduction?

Conduction won't transport energy through empty space. The Sun's energy reaches the Earth through radiation.

Does all of the suns energy reach earth?

No, only a tiny fraction of the energy emitted by the sun reaches Earth.

What form does suns energy have when it reaches earth?

The Sun's energy is given out mainly as "electromagnetic radiation". Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Heat is the main form the Sun's energy has when it reaches Earth, particularly the Earth's surface.

What percentage of the suns heat reaches the earth?

If I use 4,000 miles for the radius of the earth, and 93,000,000 miles for the distancefrom the sun to the earth, I get0.0000000462 of 1 percent.

Is it possible to access 100 percent of the suns energy?

No. Less thsan one percent of the Sun's total energy falls anywhere near Earth.

What happens when the suns energy reaches the earth?

It hits the force feilds around the earth that protects the earth from peicing temps and it gives asun light spread around the continet

What happens to the suns energy when it reaches earth?

It feeds the plants which gos in the food cycle and gos to the animal's then to us people and food chain!

What are the steps the suns energy goes thourgh the reach earth?

In order to get to Earth (through a vacuum) it must be converted into radiation. Note that some energy reaches Earth as the "solar wind - mostly charged particles. This is a very small percentage.

Does most of suns energy reach earth in light energy?

it does reach the earth in light energy.

What happens to almost half of the suns energy that reaches the earth?

i think instead of energy,u meant light.if that's the case,most of it is lost and some is absorbed the suspended particulate matter.

What happens when the earth's atmosphere traps energy from the sun?

The suns energy when it reaches the earth's atmosphere encounters earth's plasma and three things happens. Some of the energy is reflected , some is absorbed and the rest is transmitted to the earth.

What happens to the suns energy that earth absorbs?

Once the sun's energy reaches earth, it is intercepted first by the atmosphere. A small part of the sun's energy is directly absorbed, particularly by certain gases such as ozone and water vapor. Some of the sun's energy is reflected back to space by clouds and the earth's surface.

Primary source of the suns energy is?

The primary source of the suns energy is nuclear fusion of hydrogen. Nuclear fusion occurs in the core of the Earth.

Are solar energy good?

Yes because we use the suns energy and not polluting the earth.

What percentage of the suns energy is absorbed by the earth?

Roughly 0.000000045 percent of the Sun's energy hits the Earth's atmosphere. Some of that never makes it to the surface, and of the part that does, much of it just bounces back into space.

How long does it take the suns energy to reach earth?

It takes approximately 81/3 minutes for the sun's energy to reach the Earth.

How does the suns energy travle to earth?

Most of it travels to Earth via light, and similar electromagnetic waves.

How does solar energy reach earth?

through the mantlethrough the suns rays

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