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Formula: SiO2·nH2O

Essential elementsL H, O, Si

All elements listed in formula: H, O, Si

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Physical properties: Properties that do not change the chemical nature of matter Chemical properties: Properties that do change tha chemical nature of matter

No. Chemical and physical properties are different.

Physical and chemical properties change as the result of a chemical change, which produces new products with different physical and chemical properties than the reactants.

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Flammability is an example of physical and chemical properties.

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All substances have physical and chemical properties.

Physical properties can be observed and measured, chemical cannot.

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A chemical change is when the chemical properties of a substance changes and a physical change is when the chemical properties stay the same but the physical properties (shape, temperature etc...)

Color and density are physical properties. Odor and solubility are chemical properties.

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A chemical is not a property. A chemical is a substance that has chemical and physical properties.

What is the question exactly? If it is about Uranium having physical and/or chemical properties, the answer is that it has both. Every single element and compound in this universe has both physical and chemical properties.

octane is not a chemical or physical property. Properties are what define something not what they are. So octane has both chemical and physical properties.

The states of change are physical properties.

The physical properties and chemical properties of the element change under the influence of temperature, pressure, etc.

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