What Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Black?

i would strongly suggest getting a darmanitan just because its physical attack is insane and its ability boosts all its moves attacks by 1/3. teach it flare blitz superpower hammerarm and fire punch, then equip it with a choice band and its physical fire moves will be completely insane cuz of STAB its ability and the choice band, and for the starter Pokemon get oshawott cuz its a good all around Pokemon and darmanitan will be a great counter for the grass starter, also for darmanitan raise its speed using carbos

yes darmanitan is great and some other good ones are KROOKODILE (3rd ev. of SANDILE) esp. 4 the elite 4 to beat the psychic and ghost ones (+ it has 2 immunities 2 elctrc and psychic), HYDREIGON (from DEINO)[another with 2 immunities of psychic and ground bcuz of its levitate ability] who can own with Draco Meteor and would also be a good one 4 those 2 elite 4 people, and EXCADRILL (with only one immunity: electrc) who has a most awesomeish speed stat which protects him from fire types with his ground moves and his attack isn't bad either. he can learn horn drill, a 1-hit KO move, and is useful in caves if you have dig