What Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Platinum?

150 of the Pokemon in Pokemon pearl are in platinum but in Pokemon platinum they have added on 60 more i will tell you most of the legendary Pokemon (manaphy, cresselia, giratina, heatran, dialga and palkia lvl 70, uxie mesprit and azelf as lvl 50, rotom, now i will tell you some of the new evolutions of different Pokemon mamoswine, magortar, eletivire, scizor, dusknoir, rhyperior, magnezone, togekiss, lickilicky, tangrowth, yanmega i you there is new Pokemon in the great marsh too tropius, yanma, tangela.

I have giratina,heatran,palkia,dialga,2 rotom's(impossible to get 2 only 1's possible) and a zapdos and cresselia o yeah and 10 shieldon's

i have 2 rotoms from the same game! I breeded mine! How is that possible

from David Webster