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The DSi does not have a Gameboy advance slot so you cannot play Gameboy advance Pokemon games. All other Pokemon games that can be played on the regular DS or DS lite can be played on the DSi. There are no Pokemon games that utilize the DSi's camera function as of yet.

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I have played and completed many Pokemon games and so have my friends. Most of us have completed the games we brought. The only one of THREE that got it is the one who had TTDS cheats! The games we played through were: Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Wight! So my guess is no.

No you can only migrate from GBA games to DS games.

Ash is only in Pokemon movies not on the ds games!

The Pokemon Pinball games were only for the GBA.

There are no Pokemon games in App Store. There are only guides and walk-throughs.

In video games, the only version you can make your Pokemon follow you is in Pokemon yellow ( only pikachu), Pokemon heartgold, and Pokemon soulsilver

No. The only games where Pokemon can "speak" is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

No. At least not yours. There is a graveyard in a few of the games which states that dead Pokemon rest there, but that is the only real mention of Pokemon death within the games.

no. that's only in online games like Pokemon crater

no you can't. As Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise, you can only get Pokemon games on Nintendo consoles.

No. Missingno is a glitch only for the older Pokemon games.

You don't. You can only get them by trading from GBA Pokemon Games.

you don't its only in ds Pokemon games

I think that Nintendo is trying to advance in technology and putting Pokemon games on the DS ONLY. There was 1 or 2 Pokemon games for the gamecube, so i think its possible that Wii will get some Pokemon games.they already made a Pokemon game for a wii Pokemon it is Pokemon revolusionPossibilityAnother possible answer is that Nintendo wants to keep the main Pokemon RP games to handhelds only. The Pokemon games started that way, so why not keep tradition?

You can not. The only games to get Giratina are:Pokemon PlatinumPokemon pearlPokemon diamond

The only handheld games where this is possible outside of battle is Pokemon Yellow(only Pikachu works) and Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver

You can only trade Pokemon from colosseum to GBA games not gameboy games.

No. Generation V Pokemon are only available in generation V games.

You can't do that only Pokemon from the GBA Pokemon games can be transferred to colosseum.

Yes you can trade from past Pokemon games...I think only heart gold/soul silver though...

you cant.... only on gameboy advanced games

you can't only on some gba games and Pokemon platinum.

Sorry, you can only get it by GTS or from transfering it from older games.

No, only Wii and GameCube games can be played on a Wii.

I don't think there is a way to trade new games' Pokemon into old games, only reverse.

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