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Ghost type and Dark type Pokemons. Or maybe some psychic pokemon.


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You buy shadow ball with coins at the game center in cleadon city.

sorry to burst your bubble, but ariados can't learn shadow ball.

go to celadon city and buy coins then go to where you get the prizes, shadow ball is one of them

No sorry you can only get them in other pokemon games

shadow ball is the strongest ghost TM

Umbreon never learns Shadow Ball without a TM.

It can learn Shadow Ball.

He doesn't learn Shadow ball...

misdreavus you can get this from Pokemon leafgreen. Or shuppet/banette can learn it and even duskull/dusclops. gastly and all evolves can to

Muk can learn Shadow Ball. It learns it through TM.

It can learn Future Sight, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Flamethrower, Fire blast, Earthquake and many more moves.

pichu when pickchu mates with another fariy group and hold light ball

Actually, it does learn Shadow Ball. It learns it at level 33, or through TM.

shadow ball isn't avalible in sapphire

The best ice Pokemon in firered and leafgreen is sneasel coz it have an very high attack stat and speed it can learn dark and ice attack such as ice beam blizard for ice beat up shadow ball and more..............

Spiritomb is a Forbidden Pokemon and can learn moves such as dark pulse, shadow sneak, and ominous wind. Other moves include shadow ball, and feint attack.

There is no dark ball in Pokemon fire red

You have to go and then go and then go to your home in Pokemon then you have to have a Lugia to have a light ball in firered

beat morti in ecruteak city and he will give you tm30:shadow ball The TM shadow ball can be obtained in firered or leafgreen by using your game corner coins to buy it, you can't get shadow ball in ruby and sapphire or emerald.

You can obtain the TM Shadow Ball when you defeat Morty in Ecruteak.

there is only one master ball that you get in firered

You can find TM 30 shadow ball in the last floor of MT.PYRE and in the Pokemon tower

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