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shroomish!!!!!!!! you have to migrate to get on diamond, pearl and platinum

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What does the move spore do?

Spore is a random attack that either uses poisinpowder, sleeppowder, or stun spore Hope I helped

How do you tell its Friday in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon platinum has the time feature where it uses the dses time. if it is Friday on your ds, it is Friday on platinum.

What is fine wire in lamp?

pokemon platinum uses it

What is no 152 Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

its chikorita serbii is wrong serbii uses the INTERNATIONAL pokedex in Pokemon platinum its diffrent o-o

Where is the 152 Pokemon from the pokedex Pokemon Platinum?

its chikorita serbii is wrong serbii uses the INTERNATIONAL pokedex in Pokemon platinum its diffrent o-o

What trainer uses Wormadam in Pokemon Platinum?

The trainer who uses a Wormadam in "Pokémon Platinum" is named Devon who is within Route 214.

What level does Togekiss learn aeroblast on Pokemon platinum?

i dont think togepi can learn aeroblast, but if it uses metronome it might randomly choose that move and use it

What does the Pokemon move assist do?

Randomly uses a move that a member of your pokemon team knows. Assist WILL NOT use a move that any of your in battle pokemon already know.

What Pokemon Mysterial uses if Pokemon are copied from Platinum in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

I can't really understand that ? his pkmn are always the same.

How do you see alekazam on Pokemon Platinum?

Elite four member Lucian uses an Alakazam when you battle him at the Pokemon league.

What Pokemon in platinum uses the magmizer?

Magmar. Give it one and trade and it will evolve into a Magmortar

What Pokemon uses block in Pokemon Platinum?

Snorlax, and Sudowodo can. But Mean Look has the same effect. Zubats and Gastlys can have meanlook.

Which Pokemon use the move supersonic?

The most notable Pokemon that uses the attack move 'supersonic' is Butterfree. Other Pokemon that can use this move include Goldeen, Zubat and Aerodactyl.

How do you get the Spore DNA Code on the game Spore Origins?

that uses a touch screen. their is no code

In Pokemon rangers shadow of almnia how do use mantyke swim field move?

Mantine is the Pokemon that uses the swim field move.

Is Porygon a psychic Pokemon?

No, Porygon is a Normal-type Pokemon. However, it can become Psychic-type if the opposing Pokemon uses a move of that type and Porygon then uses Conversion.

Where did you go after beaten the ghost type gym leader in Pokemon platinum gba?

You mean Fantina? If so, go to Canalave city. The gym leader there uses steel Pokemon. Hope I helped.In platinum after Fantina, who is third leader, go to veilstone city and beat Maylene. She uses Fight-type pokemon.

How do you defeat eighth gym leader Pokemon platinum?

the 8th leader in platinum uses electric type so i would recommend using ground type Pokemon..............if you don't have ground type Pokemon don't worry he isn't that good

You were playing spore and tried to use a creature but it said this creation uses spore parts that are not installed what do you do?

the creature uses parts on games you haven`t installed on your computer like spore creepy and the cute parts

Do you need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier in Pokemon platinum?

You do need the national pokedex for the Pokemon modifier. the Pokemon modifier uses the national pokedex numbes. you can not use the sinno pokedex.

How do you use action replay on Pokemon Platinum?

Well you find codes and put them into your action replay folder for Pokemon platinum. There are different codes for different uses. Then you follow the instructions of each cheat when you start the game.

What are the uses for platinum?

two simple uses for platinum are making trophies and jewelry.

How do you get the Pokemon move to scale the wall on Pokemon platinum?

On the way to Snowpoint City. Behind a cottage on the way, you will find the HM Rock Climb. You can use that once you beat the seventh gym leader Candice. She uses Ice-Type Pokemon so have some good Fire-Types in your party!

What are the purposes of shards in platinum?

if a Pokemon holds a plate (arceus) and a Pokemon uses flail the shards restore the plate because flail breaks the plate.

What Pokemon learns the move judgment on Pokemon Soul Silver?

The only Pokemon that can learn judgment is arceus and if smeargle uses sketch.

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