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What Products made are from seeds?


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August 28, 2013 1:47PM

Products that are made of seeds include mustard and chocolate.
Products obtained from sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) include the following:

  • Seeds - as a food used raw, baked, roasted, salted or not salted.
  • Seeds - can be used for feeding seed-eating birds.
  • Seeds - can be made into butter (like peanut butter) or made into bread.
  • Seeds - oil is extracted for cooking, margarine and biodiesel.
  • Seeds - when oil is extracted, the remaining "cake" can be used for cattle food.
  • Flower - ornamental plant for flower or vegetable gardens.
  • Plant - produces latex and may be source for nonallergenic rubber.
  • Stem - contains a fiber that can be used in paper production.
  • Leaves - can be used for cattle feed.
  • Roots - used in phytoremediation to extract poisons from the soil.
  • Native tribes also used the sunflower as a medicinal ointment.