What QR codes are and do you have a QR Reader on your smartphone?

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QR Codes are codes that store information like websites that most smartphones like blackberry can read.For example on BlackBerry Messenger each person has a qr code so when you are next to your friend and want to add him on BBM you can just scan his QR Code.

but if u get a leaftlet or r on the net and a pr code comes up and u want to scan it, u cant use the bbm 1

so u download QR Code Scanner Pro- Free (by The Jared Company) whoch is a proper gd 1 :) xx
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What is coaxial Qr?

Coaxial Qr is a coax cable that has been developed to met thedemands of broadband or internet. At the moment it is considered tobe the best of all the coax cables out there as it is very flexibleand reliable.

Meaning of QR in airlines operations?

QR is the flight code for Qatar Airways, which is put before every flight number that they operate or have a code-share on. For example QR101.

What are QRS waves?

a group of waves depicted on an electrocardiogram; it actually consists of three distinct waves created by the passage of the cardiac electrical impulse through the ventricles

What is qrs wave?

a group of waves depicted on an electrocardiogram; it actually consists of three distinct waves created by the passage of the cardiac electrical impulse through the ventricles and occurs at the beginning of each contraction of the ventricles. In a normal electrocardiogram the R wave is the most prom ( Full Answer )

What does QRS stand for?

QRS in the context of cardiovascular health has reference to theelectrical pattern of the heart. This is readily seen on an ECG(electrocardiogram). The Q wave is the first downward deflectionafter a P wave, the R wave is the first upward deflection followinga P wave, and the S wave is the downward d ( Full Answer )

Why does the QRS complex have the largest amplitude?

More cells depolarize during this QRS complex(ventricular contraction).. The reason is because the muscle mass of the atria is small compared with that of the ventricles. The ventricles have a larger muscle mass. . Therfore the electrical impulses within the atria are shorter and are less. The ven ( Full Answer )

What is QRS in ECG?

The QRS complex on an ECG represents ventricular depolarisation. This wave should have the greatest amplitude.

What happens during the QRS wave?

There are a number of things that may happen during the QRS wave.There will be ventricular depolarization and right after absoluterefractory period for ventricles will occur.

The qrs complex represents?

Ventricular depolarization It is also the atrial repolarization The ventricular depolarization is so strong that it hides the atrial repolarization

What is a qrs wave?

It is the name for the combination of three of the graphical deflections seen on a typical electrocardiogram (ECG). It is usually the central and most visually obvious part of the tracing. It corresponds to the depolarization of the right and left ventricles of the heart.

Absent QRS complex after P wave?

The QRS complex and the P wave are features of the electrocardiogram, which graphically displays the electrical activity of the heart. The P wave is generated when the atria, or upper chambers of the heart contract. The QRS complex is generated when the ventricles or lower chambers of the heart cont ( Full Answer )

What are QR codes on the SXSW badges?

The 2010 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival badges feature QR (Quick response) codes that allow attendees to scan the codes of people they meet and immediately upload their contact information. This reduces the need for business cards at the festival.

What phones can read qr codes?


How do you measure the duration of a QRS complex?

The start of the QT interval is the first deviation from the isoelectric line following the p wave and the end is the last time the waveform crosses the isoelectric line before the T-wave begins. The waveform may well corss the isolelectric line several times before the end of the QRS interval. Norm ( Full Answer )

How can you get a Qr Reader on your laptop?

Get a Qr Reader on your laptop here. requirements :- 1. windows 7 or xp 2. camera windows 7 - http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/QRreader.shtml windows xp - http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/WebCam/bcWebCam.shtml

How do you use qr code?

Put it on a TShirt, business card. Track scans to get some marketing data. Putting QR on each page of your blog or website you can bring your customers from desktop to mobil

What is an electrocardiogram's QRS pattern?

QRS-- A pattern seen in an electrocardiogram that indicates the pulses in a heart beat and their duration. Variations from a normal QRS pattern indicate heart disease.

What hardware is required for a qr code?

a qr generator, many are free and a qr reader for your smart phone/ mobile device, also free in the app store. good luck, hodges apellido paraiso publicidad

Where can you get qr codes?

Yep! QR Code is getting popular in recent years,cuz we see it just about everywhere. And it's indeed easy to use. In fact I often generate QR code free on line to encode a website when printing the page. KEEPAUTOMATION Free Online Code Reader It's very easy to use when I need to encode either a we ( Full Answer )

What is the future for QR codes?

Its looks like that the are being embraced for better or worse you can make a code at mms4qr.com for free

What is a qr code?

QR is short for Quick Response. QR codes are read by using an application on your cell phone. Once the code is scanned by your phone, you are taken to the website that is embedded in the QR code. QR codes are becoming more and more popular. You may soon see them in magazines, on billboards, web page ( Full Answer )

What is a qr code used for?

A qr code is used on applications including convenience and commercial tracking. It is used on smartphones. Users can use the technology in order to read text. This code has many uses by companies.

What is a QR code used for on a cell phone?

A QR (quick response) code is a type of barcode that your cell phone's camera can read. It usually encodes a url and will take you to a specific website or information when scanned.

Are qr codes safe?

It really depends. A QR code is really a picture that has a link to it. If it is on a box or label at a store it is OK. Plus if your scanning it from an iPhone, a iPhone can't get a virus.

Who invented QR code?

The Quick Response (or QR) Code was invented by the Denso Wave company to track the vehicle manufacturing process.

How is information stored in a qr code?

. so i am going to answer this question right? i am not really sure but i think it is stored by a computer or those electronic things. do you need the answer for your homework? or maybe something else? well, not my business right. OK, sorry that i am not really helpful and for the real thing ( Full Answer )

Can QR codes be customized?

Yes. The standard generated black and white code can be modified with the addition of colors and change in the actual structure of the code. For instance, the square-cornered edges can be rounded and curved. Colors can be added to various parts of the code. The background can be changed from white t ( Full Answer )

How do you create a QR code for your website?

A QR code is generated by a special software program developed for that purpose. Fortunately, these "QR code generators" are free online from various sources. You simply enter your URL or website address and a graphic QR code will appear on the screen. You then save that file to your computer where ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of customizing a QR code?

Since the standard square black and white QR code is used by most businesses when they include them in ads or on products, many people consider it ugly or unattractive. They are similar to the standard bar code on product or food boxes, the kinds that get scanned at the check-out counter. Originally ( Full Answer )

Is there a program that can decode QR codes containing .exe or tiny .img files?

Or else,you may download a free barcode scanner first to have a try.There are so many companies sell barcode scanners nowadays. Maybe,you can buy one online. I have brought one from KEEPAUTOMATION Free Online Code Reader and it works well. This company can also provide you with some free online ba ( Full Answer )

What do p waves and qrs waves represent?

P wave represent the electrical impulse across the right and leftatrium. It travels across the atrial wall. Qrs complex indicatesthe electrical impulse through the myocardial ventricles. Ittravels through the bundle of HIS (GOD), right and left bundlebranches and then across the right and left ventr ( Full Answer )

What is QRS complex in the heart?

An Electrocardiogram of a single heart beat shows three distinct waves. These are the P, QRS and T Waves. The QRS wave (normally the largest spike) in the electrocardiogram, is that of the ventricles depolarizing and contracting.

What is the correct property for If QR - 9 43 then QR52?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by Answers.com means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

How do you scan a qr code?

You buy a qr code reading app in the app store/ android market. They are free! (There will be many options, but I think all of them work.) After you purchase the app, open it, point your camera at the qr code, and it should scan it and open up the link.

How do smartphones read qr codes?

If using a smartphone to scan and read qr code symbols, a qr code reader app must be installed on the smartphone. There are a lot of such apps for both iOS and Android available. Smartphone uses the camera as the scanner to read the qr symbols. See the related link for a qr code library for creating ( Full Answer )

What will scanning a 3ds qr code do?

The effect of a QR Code differs depending on what is on the card. This description is of the ones included with your 3DS. The one with a question mark block gives you access to a variety of things like a Play Coin Shop, and a few games. The rest spawn 3D characters. As for other types of AR cards, t ( Full Answer )

What is main purpose of QR codes?

QR codes build the basis of any online website advertising. You scan QR codes with your smart phone and it allows users that do so, to achieve discounts or special deals to your products or services.

How do you make qr codes on animal crossing new leaf?

In the back of the Able Sisters clothing store, you may have noticed the quiet Sable sitting at her sewing machine. She isn't the most talkative type at first, but repeated visits will help her open up. After talking to her at least once on ten consecutive days, she'll tell you about the sewing mach ( Full Answer )

How do you use QR Codes for Animal Crossing New Leaf?

In Able Sisters, talk to Sable (the porcupine in the back of thestore) every day until she puts up the sewing machine next to her.From there, use the sewing machine for the QR codes.