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We have recently discovered an RV park located 15.5 miles north of Deming NM. It has a rustic and clean setting. It does not have the swimming pool and hot tub amenities that some of the town parks have but the scenery and quiet is a welcome relief. The rates are extremely low and there is a rustic ... "down home" .... kind of club house. There are clean restrooms and showers plus a laundry room. We are currently staying here on a monthly rate of $125.00. The view of Cook's Peak mountain is breathtaking. There is wild life and it is a very short drive to many tourist points of interest just to the north ...... much closer than driving in from the town of Deming. We love it here. We've been full time RVers for many years and finally we've found a breath of fresh air with a tranquil setting. This park used to be called Bar S Rv park. Now it is under new ownership and is called Temperate Zone RV Resort. As you travel north from Deming on 180, you'll still see the old sign on the right side "Bar S Ranch RV park" as of this date of Nov. 20, 2009 but we think the sign will be changed soon. The new owners are wonderful and very accommodating. Good public relations and good times is what this park is about. The owners have a new web site that they are developing and it is ................ Wow ! ! ! We're sure glad we found this place.

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Q: What RV parks are there in Deming New Mexico?
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