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Chris Brown, apples, bananas, and... YOU! Nah, Chris Brown.

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Is Rihanna and Beyonce sisters?

rihanna is not sisters with beyonce she doesnt even have sisters she has brothers

Does Eminem fancy Rihanna?

probably, but who doesnt?

Is Rihanna a smoker?

Rihanna doesnt smoke she may be a bad girl... that's what people see her as(bad girl)bt after all she doesnt smoke

Does Nicki manaj date rihanna?

no she doesnt they are friends

Does Rihanna only have 20000.00 in the bank?

Rihanna doesnt even have a million in the bank. Sincerely, Rihanna's Manager

What album is the song Boom Boom by Rihanna?

rihanna doesnt sing that song,black eyed peas sing it

Are Rihanna and chris brown friends after that fight?

Rihanna wants to get back with chris, but chris doesnt. So um, theyre not friends.

Does Rihanna like Lady Gaga?

Rihanna like Lady gaga

Do you like pop singer Rihanna?

I do not like pop singer rihanna

What is rihanna kik?

Rihanna doesnt have a direct kik but her bestfriend melissa forde do and she lets you talk to rihanna on oovoo or skype face to face. I was suprised it was real but her kik name is melissa_forde.

Do Chris Brown mom like Rihanna?

I don't know if she like Rihanna now, but on Larry King she said Rihanna was like family.

Where you-Rihanna husband from?

she doesnt have a husband she has a girlfriend called Maranda Jisola

Does Rihanna have a cousin named aryanna?

No rhianna doesnt have a cousin named aryanna

Does Chris Brown like Rihanna?

No, Chris Brown does not like Rihanna anymore.

Did Rihanna deserve it?

I don't like Rihanna. But she didn't deserve it.'

Is Rihanna on Facebook?

Yes she is. Look below- that's her. All others are fakes.http://www.coolfanpages.com/page/467620/rihannaShe doesnt have one. She has a Facebook page.

Why does Rihanna think she is so cute?

tell me one famous girl singer who doesnt think that she is cute. Although rihanna isn't very very cute

Do Rihanna really like Chris Brown?

Rihanna used to like Chris Brown when they were dating.

Does the members of b5 like thick girls like Raven Symone or thin girls like rihanna?

b5 loves girls like rihanna but don't mind them but like i said they like girls like rihanna better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no they like both

Why does Rihanna suck at singing?


Who likes Rihanna?

almost everyone likes Rihanna. She is beautiful awesome singer, and she knows what guys to choose( except for Chris, that was a horrible relationship). And i for one am a huge fan of hers.A lot of people like her but personally i dont. she just doesnt seem nice to people.

Is Willow Smith trying to be like Rihanna?

Maybe. But she'll never be like Rihanna cuz RiRi is unique.

Why are lots of Rihanna videos made from other Rihanna vidios like push up on me and others?

They are like that because they are fake. Rihanna doesn't have a 'Push up on Me' Music video.

Does Chris Brown like anybody else than Rihanna?

No, just Rihanna. Chris and Rihanna might not like each other but behind the scenes they are desperately still in love.

Does Rihanna have a child by Jay-Z?

No Riannah doesnt have a child by Jay-z there just friends

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