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Not sure about other makes, but Ford Explorer "Limited" and possibly upgraded 945 package on XLT ExporerOffer a black Leather interio option. in at least the last 3 years Volvo XC90. I think it is oppressively dark, but to each their own. all sorts of suv's offer that. caddillac escalade,Lincoln Navigator,bmw x5,x3,acura mdx,Mercedes-Benz ml350& ml500. take your pick there are many. It just depends on the deal you have made with the car dealer. If you are buying a brand new car, you can request that the interior be specified to your standards and they will give it to you if the certain feature is available for the model of the car that you want. And of course, this is in exchange for a price. If you are searching for second hand cars, I suggest you compare car values in cars classifieds and check out which SUV has the specification that you desire. This way, you can get the car that you want that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. You should go for navigator they offer the best exterior and interior SUV in the market. you can also check out some car classifieds they include the details in the interior and exterior color.

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Q: What SUVs offer the option of a black exterior and black leather for an interior?
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