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Q: What Serves as the control centre for the cell metabolism and reproduction?
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What does the nucles do in the cell?

The nucleus of a plant cell serves as the administrative and information centre of the cell. The nucleus has two main functions. The first function is that it houses the hereditary material or the DNA of the plant cell. It also coordinates the various cell activities such as growth, protein synthesis, reproduction and metabolism.

Cells with a nucleus?

The cells with a nucleus are known as eukaryotic cells. The nucleus serves as the brain or command centre of the cell and controls movement, feeding, reproduction and other functions of the cell.

When was London Area Control Centre created?

London Area Control Centre was created in 2002.

What control the cell?

The control centre of a cell is the Nucleus

What is the control centre of the cell?


The control centre of the cell?


When was Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces created?

Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces was created in 2000.

What is the control center known in an amusement park?

Just that - a control centre!

What is the control centre of the brain?

cerebral cortex

Where is the chloroplast in a plant cell?

its a control centre!

What are the jobs of the parts of a cell?

please improve neclues- the centre of the cell (the control centre

Function of nucleus and nucleolus?

Genetic store and control centre. And production centre of ribosomal rna

Is yolk nucleus?

No the nuecleus of something is the control centre

What is the abbreviation for MCC?

motor control centre panel

What is the control centre or the brian of a unicellular organism?

The nucleus.

Which is the control centre of a reflex action?

The nervous system.

What is the function of the neucleus?

The control centre of the cell. one of the main functions is the part it plays in reproduction. this is because all the information needed for a cell to replicate itself is carried in genes in the long strands of DNA called chromosomes

What is the main control centre of the parasympathetic nervous system?

The brain.

What do regulatory agencies do to help control the spread of infectious diseases?

CDC -centre for disease control

A straight line that serves as the unmoving centre about which a body turns?

That's called an axis of rotation, or simply an axis.

What is the nucleus to a cell?

The nucleus is a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction. It is sometimes called the control centre of the cell, regulating the activities and actions of the cell. It is responsible for cell maintenance and replication of genetic material.

What acts as the control centre of the cell which contains chromosomes?

The Nucleus is the genetic control center of cellular activity.

Why does Melbourne still exist today?

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria. It serves as the state's centre of both government and business.

Build a concept map about organelles?

Movement Of Matenials Control Centre

In humans the control centre of the body is the brain true or false?