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Q: What Type of habitat where you can find woodlice?
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What are the other two conditions of the woodlice's natural habitat?

woodlice can dry out so its main habitat is a wet place

What is a microhabitat?

a micro habitat is a habitat for extremely small creatures such as woodlice.

What is algaes micro-habitat?

a micro habitat is a habitat for extremely small creatures such as woodlice.

What is woodlice habitat like?

lols :D

How do woodlice adapt to habitat?

mate I don't have a clue and cant find the answer ill ell ya if I do xx

Where do woodlice live?

You can find them in a leaf litter habitat or even the rotting log habitat They also can be found inside chickens. Improved answer: Woodlice also live in damp areas and keep out sunlight.

What is it about their habitat that woodlice prefer?

wood is their food source and normally inside a tree it is dark, so that is where you can normally find them.

How temperature of a habitat affects the woodlice?

Woodlice, also known as woodlouse, has over a thousand different species. Due to this the temperature of a habitat it would take to affect it varies.

What is the diffierence between a mini habitat and a micro habitat?

a micro-habitat is an extremely small habitat that can be occupied by small creatures such as woodlice.

What color are woodlice?

Gray! But there is a type of woodlice called the pink woodlouse so they are pink! But woodlice are gray! :-)

Where would you find woodlice?

you would normally found woodlice in a toilet

What time are you most likely to find woodlice?

You are most likely do find a woodlice at night or in the afternoon. By Amna Safi

Where you find woodlice?

Under rotten logs

What type of habitat would you find in northern Canada?


Are woodlice dangerous to rabbits?

Woodlice are not dangerous to rabbits, but if a rabbit's hutch is infested with woodlice, that is not a good thing because it means it's not very clean or comfortable. Rabbits should have a clean habitat that's basically free of bugs, although one or two woodlice crawling through will not cause any harm.

Which type of plant life are found in a starfish habitat?

seaweed is something you might find in a starfishes habitat.

What type of habitat would you find in the Northern Canada or Russia?


How are woodlice adapted to their habitat?

Woodlice have flattened bodies to help them crawl through cracks and narrow spaces, such as those seen in rotting logs and underneath bark. They also have comparatively strong exoskeletons to protect them from predators.

What type of arthropod is a rolly polly?

A rolly polly (woodlice) is a crustacean.

Do woodlice eat dead woodlice?

No; woodlice are almost exclusively herbivorous, and not cannibalistic.However, woodlice are decomposers and do eat decaying or rotting matter such as rotting leaves and even other dead woodlice. I have a woodlice culture and I have observed woodlice eat other dead woodlice.

What type of habitat do llamas live?

Hot places or places they can find food

What do woodlice eat and drink?

I dont know! thats what I am trying to find out

What type of habitat does a snail live in?

It lives in a forest type of habitat

When does a woodlice die?

if you will kill the woodlice it will die......................

What do woodlice do at night?

woodlice sleep at night