What US battleship was nicknamed Old Ironside?

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The heavy Frigate, USS Constitition, is known as 'Old Ironsides'.
the British 100 gun, 1st rate, ship of the line, HMS Britannia was also nicknamed Old Ironsides. HMS Britannia underwent a number of name changes and was also called: HMS Princess Royal, HMS St George and HMS Barfleur.
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Did the Japanese incorporate the use of Suicide Battleships?

No, at least not by design but they did send one out on a virtual (extreme high risk) mission profile heading a task force in what became known as the second battle(naval, not marine ground troops) of Okinawa. The Battleship Yamato wqas the flotilla leader, in effect flagship. The Yamato was the wor ( Full Answer )

What is the largest US battleship?

The four battleships of the World War II-era USS Iowa class (includes Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin) are the largest "battleships" built by the United States. However, modern US nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, including the USS Enterprise and the USS Nimitz-class carriers, are the larg ( Full Answer )

What US president was nicknamed Old Hickory?

Andrew Jackson was known as Old Hickory. He got the name "Old Hickory" from the troops he led in the war of 1812. They said he was tough as hickory, a wood which was known to be very strong and preferred for axe-handles and such. His cupporters used it in his politcal campaigns. President Andrew Ja ( Full Answer )

What is Old Ironsides?

Old Ironsides is the nickname of the American Frigate USS Constitution, the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat. She earned the name during the battle with the HMS Guerriere.

Was old ironsides a ship in the civil war?

No old Iron sides was a ship used in the war of 1812. A British cannon ball hit the side of the ship on freshly cut replacement board. The board was strong enough to with hold the shock of the cannon ball. A sailor on the that ship called her "old Iron sides" from then on.

How can you make the battleship game using pascal?

first you have to initialize the array. board : Array [1..10,1..10] of char; then place the ships board[2,2]:='A'; board[3,2]:='A'; board[4,2]:='A'; board[5,2]:='A'; board[6,2]:='A'; i would advise to use some simple coding for the ships such as aircraft carrier code: A so if ( Full Answer )

Why aren't battleships used anymore?

The purpose of a battleship was to fight on the "battle-line", against other battleships during a "fleet engagement". Like a boxer, battleships were designed with armor and large guns, to slug it out with other battleships.. On 10 December 1941, Japanese land based airplanes sunk the British Battle ( Full Answer )

What are the four largest us battleships?

The largest US battleships produced were the Iowa class, produced at the end of WWII. The ships in the Iowa class were Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, New Jersey. 2nd Answer: There were 64 commissioned Battleships (BB 01 - BB 64). Others were built, but not comissioned for varying reasons. There ( Full Answer )

How many battleships does US have?

There are no battleships currently in the US Navy. However, there are 8 former US battleships preserved as museums.

How heavy is a us battleship?

This is a very general question with more than one answer. There has been many different battleships in the U.S. and they all have different weights. The most recent and "modernized" battleship would be the USS Missouri which weighed 58,000 tons with a full load and 45,000 tons unloaded while it was ( Full Answer )

What US battleship is nicknamed Old Ironsides?

The US battleship, the USS Constitution garnered the nickname OldIronsides". It was named that because the hull was so strong thatcannonballs bounced off.

What was Old Ironsides in the the USS?

Old Ironsides is the USS Constitution She is the oldest commissioned ship in the US Navy Fleet. She got the name "Old Ironsides" from the British when they saw that their cannon balls bounce off her hull that was made of Virginia oak. She was launched in 1797.

Why was she nicknamed Old Ironsides?

The ship USS Constitution got the nickname Old Ironsides becausethe ship had iron plating in the hull. The ship was used during theCivil War.

What is the official name for 'Old Ironsides'?

The heavy frigate, USS Constitution, launched in 1797, earned the nickname 'Old Ironsides' after the battle with the HMS Guerriere during the War of 1812. This is a reference to "Old Ironsides," a colonial era battleship which is docked in Boston Harbor. If I recall correctly, this battleship n ( Full Answer )

What size cannons were on Old Ironsides?

Her main armament were 24 pound long guns, which gave her a crushing advantage over her British opponents, mostly 18 pounder frigates. She also carried heavier carronades on the upper deck at times.

What is the use of the ship in Oliver Wendell Holmes poem Old Ironsides?

I don't remember this poem but "Old Ironsides" was the sailor's name of the USS Constitution, which was a war ship made after the American Revolution in 1790's. It is still a US Navy ship and can be toured at Boston Naval Shipyard.. It was called "Old Ironsides" because it was one of the first ship ( Full Answer )

Does the US still have battleships in commission?

No. They've all been stricken from the roster of active duty ships. They're just too big and "unique" to keep them in service. Even with the cruise missle and other upgrades, we just can't get enough "mileage" out of them to warrant the costs of operating them. A link is provided below for more info ( Full Answer )

What Us battleship served in Vietnam?

The "Iowa" class battleship, USS New Jersey; 16" guns. The battleship was requested by the military to reduce jet aircraft losses over North & South Vietnam. Each rifle (16" barrel) delivered the equivalent of ONE 2,000 pound bomb. One salvo (9 rifles firing one broadside, from three separate turret ( Full Answer )

Who invented us first battleship?

The French commissioned the first Ironclad in 1860; the La Glori. . Actually, the Confederate States of America made the First Ironclad Battleship in the year of 1863 for the historical Battle of the ironclads. It was a captured Union ship called the Merrimack that was plated with iron so that it ( Full Answer )

How many battleships does the US Navy have?

The USN has eight...all are retired:. 1. USS Texas (the only Dreadnaught remaining afloat). 2. USS North Carolina (a survivor of a triple torpedoing in WWII in which the carrier USS Wasp was sunk, the destroyer USS O'Brian sank later, and North Carolina was seriously damaged...all from ONE TORPEDO ( Full Answer )

What battleships did the US use in Iraq?

Operation Desert Storm (January and February 1991) didn't give them much time for shooting. The campaign only lasted about 45 days. Only two of the 4 Iowa Class Battleships made a showing for DS. USS Missouri expended 759 16" shells, and 28 Cruise Missiles; USS Wisconsin fired 319 16" shells, and 24 ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the book 'Old Ironsides?

The book 'Old Ironsides' was written by Thomas Gillmer. The poem of the same name was written by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Which ship was defeated by old ironsides?

The USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) fought two single frigate duels during the War of 1812. On August 19, 1812 She fought and defeated the HMS Gurriere. On December 29, 1812 She fought and defeated the HMS Java. On both occasions the British ships were so badly damaged that they had to be scu ( Full Answer )

What president's nickname was old ironside?

Thomas Jefferson ANS2: Bah! Jefferson did not have the nickname of 'Old Ironside'. In fact, none of the US presidents had that nickname. The USS Constitution had that nickname because cannonballs bounced off her oak sides.

Sinking of the US battleship Maine?

The sinking of the US battleship Main occurred on February 15th1898. Almost three quarters of the crew aboard the battleship diedon this navy ship.

What are some names of US battleships?

48 states of the United States are the names of US Navy battleships. The battleships Alaska and Hawaii do not exist nor never existed because they were NOT states until 1959; battleships were no longer built after 1945. Battlecruisers (called LARGE cruisers in the US Navy) Alaska & Guam were complet ( Full Answer )

Why is the USS Constitution known as 'Old Ironsides'?

The USS Constitution is called "Old Ironsides" becausecannonballs were seen to bounce off of her rugged oak hull duringmortal combat with the British frigate Guerriere on August19th, 1812. The ships were barely fifty yards apart when theyfired- point-blank- at each other. Also, she was NEVER ( Full Answer )

Names of us battleships at pearl harbor?

USS Nevada - heavily damaged, beached to prevent sinking USS Arizona - destroyed USS Tennessee - damaged USS West Virginia - very heavy damage, sank upright, later raised and refitted USS Maryland - damaged USS Oklahoma - sank (capsized), later raised, but sank while being towed. USS California - da ( Full Answer )

What were the uses of battleships in World War 1?

They were supposed to be used for a major decisive fleet action upon the high seas. The only chance they got was in 1916, and they muffed that up. So basically it was just shore bombardments, escorts, etc. etc. etc. The Great War (WWI) was not much of a naval war.

What battleships were used in the Vietnam war?

The only active battleship in the world in 1968 was the Iowa class battleship USS New Jersey. She was activated to help reduce jet fighter bomber losses over North Vietnam and at the same time still deliver the ordnance necessary to support the escalation of the war. Approximately 1,000 US jets were ( Full Answer )

What are the ranks in a us navy battleship crew?

Battleships (old and Iowa-class) are no different than other large ships like Cruisers and Carriers when it comes to ranks and rates. The only difference is that they had more crew than most. Ship manning requirements are based on the ship's type and class, her systems, size, and tactical mission ( Full Answer )

Why does the us not have battleships?

Because an aircraft carrier can destroy a battleship. Carriers began destroying battleships in WWII. Prior to WWII, the battleships ruled the seas; after 10 December 1941, airpower ruled the seas (carriers=airpower). Note: British battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the British battle cruiser HM ( Full Answer )

What was the first US battleship?

The first United States battleship that was recorded was the USS Maine. Commission date was the 17th of September of 1895. Decommission date was the 15th of February 1898. It was sunk by an explosion on the 15th of February 1898.

How old is Michael Ironside?

Canadian actor Michael Ironside is 67 years old (born Frederick Ironside , February 12, 1950).

What type of guns did the Yamato battleship use?

The Yamato and Musashi were Yamato Class battleships that each had 18.1 inch naval guns as their main armament ~ see related link below to additional information .

What was the name of the battleship that Roosevelt used 1906?

Roosevelt was the US president in 1906. He did send the "Great White Fleet" around the world though on a "show of force" to the "Yellow Race", the Japanese (hence the white painted battleships) under the disquise of a "around the world good will cruise." The Japanese had just defeated the Russians ( Full Answer )

How do you say battleship in old Norse?

You don't, there wasn't such a thing as a 'battle ship' you might say 'mighty ship' which, in present tense, would be 'skip maetti' or 'maetti skip'. Or you could add the definitive article to give 'skipit maetti'. The 'a' and 'e' of maetti should be squished together to form one letter.

Does the military still use battleships?

No, the US military does not use battleships these days for active combat. The reason for this is because battleships have become obsolete in naval combat. The original goal of a battleship was to provide artillery bombardment to sink ships and destroy land targets as well as serve as a command po ( Full Answer )

What does the double B on us battleships stand for?

Standardization and uniformity: When adding 1 plus 10 it is easier to add (on paper) 01 plus 10. Examples: 1. DE=Destroyer Escort 2. DD=Destroyer, the second D is for standardization 3. CA=Cruiser Armored 4. BB=Battleship, the second B is for standardization

What is the most know US battleship?

This would depend on how you see a battleship as most known. The USS Arizona is a well known US battleship, as it was sunk in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Who built the USS Constitution or Old Ironsides?

USS Constitution , one of the original 6 frigates commissioned for the newly formed United States Navy, was built in Boston at the Edmund Hartt shipyard. Hartt, a Master Carpenter, also built the USS Independence, USS Argus, and USS Boston.

What guns do battleships use?

They usually use heavy artillery-grade cannons that fires shells tovery long distances. In addition, certain warships may deployturrets (some may be even computer-guided) as well.