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What US city has the highest per capita PhDs?


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Los ALamos New Mexico. the home of the los alamos national laboratories famous for the invention and production of the nuclear bomb.


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Palestinians have the highest PhDs per Capita.

New Mexico. Santa Fe (state capital and second largest city) is ranked the # 2 city in the country for the number of PhDs per capita.

Las Vegas is the city with the highest suicide rate per capita in the US. Vegas has been at the top of the list for many years. The state with the highest suicide rate per capita is Alaska.

Luxemburg has the highest per capita income of $ 54430

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Mexico has the highest income per capita with US$15,100. The second highest would be Panama, with an income per capita of US$13,600.

Check out Dalton, GA for the highest percentage per capita of millionaires.

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I dont know the highest, but I live in Orlando, Fl. and it has become a thieves den!

Luxembourg has the highest per capita income. However, this is because a lot of people who work in Luxembourg do not live in it. Instead, they live in surrounding countries. If you looking at per capita income notwithstanding the above fact, then Norway is the highest per capita income in the world.

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Per capita income of Sialkot is highest in Pakistan, it is nearly 3000$.

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Washington d.c with 7.65 gal. Per capita

Flint, Michigan has the highest murder rate per capita of any US city. Flint is followed closely by Detroit, Michigan and New Orleans, Louisiana. The safest city in the United States is Windsor, California.

New Zealand, with Auckland (largest New Zealand City) having the highest rate per-capita.

Usa! Usa! Usa! You might think so but Sweden has one of the highest consumption per capita in the world.

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wlmington sorry no it is definatly milwaukee, WI. Nevada's per capita consumption of beer is the highest of all states at 44 gallons/person. It's quite possible this could apply to Las Vegas.

Well The per capita income of Sialkot is ranked among the highest in Pakistan.

higher than the national per capita income

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