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What US states do not have a motorcycle helmet law?

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According to the American Motorcycle Association, a majority of states in the United States, including the District of Columbia, require both operators and passengers under a certain age, usually 18 to 21, and Novice riders, to wear a safety helmet that conforms to federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Operators and passengers over the age of 21 years may be exempt with insurance requirement stipulations.

However, Illinois and Iowa does not require a helmet for either adults or children.

State-by-state guide to motorcycle helmet laws

Dont know about the other states, but we dont have to wear one here in Minnesota

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You must wear a motorcycle helmet in 47 states. A few of the states are Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia.

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Yes. Most of US states, require a rider to wear a helmet.

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florida maine new hampshire pensylvania south carolina

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Most states in the US have a mandatory helmet law. These are: * Alabama * California * Georgia * Louisiana * Maryland * Mass. * Mississippi * Missouri * Nebraska * Nevada * New Jersey * New York * No. Carolina * Oregon * Tennessee * Vermont * Virginia * Washington * W. Virginia And only tow states are free from this law. They are * Illinois * Iowa

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The law depends on where you are, not where you are from. Canadians must obey US traffic laws when in the states.

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