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It Was VERY Scary. It First Showed Mickey Mouse Walking The Other Way From Where He Was Walking At The Start And Had Badinerie By J. S. Bach In Reverse. It Suddenly Appeared That Mickey Goes In This Swirled Up Version Of The Street That Looks Like A Normal Underground Stop. Mickey Then Goes Back And Forth For No Reason But I Don't Know Maybe He Took To Much Crack Coiciane Or Took Too Much Weed. Mickey's Blank Face Showed A Close Up At The End.

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Is there a deleted scene in Saving Mr. Banks that shows why P.L. Travers didn't like animation?

I'm not sure if there's a deleted scene, but it was explained in the movie. P.L. Travers wanted the film to be serious and she thought that animation would make it too childish.

What is a mouses favortie food?

I have found the they like chocolate or a freshly cooked rasher.

What do cats like very much?

they like mouses, toys,tuna,and they love to chase lazors Love.

Can zip archives be deleted?

Yes. They can be deleted like any other file.

Lysosome is like a?

suicide sacs suicide sacs

What do mouses like to be called?

As they are animals, they will not know the difference if you call them cutie-pie or stupid-head.

How fast does a mouses heart beat?

A Mouses heart beats over 120 BPM (beats per minute) When you try to listen to it you can't hear the separate beats it just sounds like a long buzz.

Does Suicide Mouse Have To Do Anything With Suicide?

No, It Doesn't, But It Is More Of A Strange, Probably Creepypasta Video With Mickey Mouse Walking Along On Some Street, Probably Having Him On Drugs, And The Most Scariest Part Is The Deleted Scene, GOD. THE DELETED SCENE IS SCARY!!!!!!!! I Think It Is Called Suicide Mouse To Make It Look More Creepy. We Will Probably Never See The Real Suicide Mouse. I Think It's Creepypasta But Here Is The Full Suicide Mouse Story: Mickey Mouse Is Just Walking Along Some Street With Looped Buildings And Then There Is Some Static Around The Last 2 Minutes, But Then Mickey Goes Back And Forth In Some Underground Station Place That Is Probably Supposed To Be The City And Does A Strange Song Reversed With It, But Swirled Up. Mickey Mouse Returns Normal But There Is Strange Yelling That Looks Like It Was Made In A Tomb Chamber. But Louder Screaming Comes And Some Video Is On The Background And The Back And Forth Thing Comes Around Again, But A Scary Close Up With Some Scary Music Comes Around And Russian Letters That I Think It Says "This Is What Hell Bring Viewers In."

Do grass snakes like to eat mouses ans rats?

yes yes they do most of them like to eat little ones or babies

What was Kandinsky's signature like?

nonsense answer deleted.

How do you recover deleted history from Google Chrome?

You cannot recover deleted history from browser like Chrome. It cannot be brought back if deleted from browser.

Is scene like emo?

i dont get it... what do you mean scene?

What do Pokemon taste like?

lol, why dont you just go and catch a wild pika, and find out! (Pika's are real, they are knd of like mouses)

Why do people have thoughts about suicide?

People have thoughts about suicide when they feel completely hopeless. Suicide can look like the only way out. People have thoughts about suicide when they have problems that they cannot think a way out of.

How do you get back a deleted profile with action replay on harvest moon DS cute?

You can't. If it's deleted, it's deleted. You will never get it back. Just like all of the other video games.

How can you find a deleted email from Facebook?

i deleted them for like a year ago ..how can i get them back? .. i dont have my old computer that has all pictures no more..

What part was that when Iron Man teaches black widow to shoot in Iron Man 2?

Movies these days include Deleted Scenes in their Trailers and sometimes even previews. The Scene I think you are talking about was most likely deleted because it goes against Black Widow's character. she looked like a party girl rather than an assistant or assassin. Similar scenes deleted from film but seen in the trailers would be in the film 'Thor' in the trailer Thor says "oh know this is earth' but in the film he is not conscious enough to say anything that coherent. instead he stumbles around like a drunk. In 'Iron Man 2'there is a scene before the Stark Expo in which Pepper Pots kisses Stark's Helmet then throws it out the bomb bay door, even though it was a popular scene gaining parody on College Humor.com and being used over and over again in many trailers, it eventually did not make the cut and became a deleted scene. you might be able to find it on the DVD or Blue-Ray special features. I hope this helped!

How does adult and teen suicide differ?

They don't differ, suicide is suicide. That's all there is too it. There are different reasons for suicide however, like depression or guilt. but i don't recomend committing suicide, besides things always get worse before they get better.

Do scene kids like twilight?

Some do I'm sure, but really scene kids, and everyone, can like what they want.

What Is The Full Suicide Mouse Like?

Not Really Scary But Just Freaky. I Don't Understand Why Idiots Out There Said That It Was Made In The 1930s By Walt Disney, DOES THAT SEEM LIKE DISNEY TOO YOU?!?!?!?!?! Anyways, It's More Of A Creepypasta And Has A Freaky Deleted Scene And Walt Did Not Know Russian. Anyways, Plot: Mickey Mouse Is Walking Along, Being Quiet And Not Making A Noise. In The Next 2 Minutes, There Was Static Playing, Suddenly, A Phone Tone-Like Noise And Then Turns Into A Reversed Song And Mickey Mouse Walks Back And Forth In Some Poorly Drawn Forest Like Place Which Is Actually Swirled-Up Versions Of The Buildings That Mickey Was Walking Through At The Start. At The Next 2 Minutes, Mickey's Blank Face Gets To A Closeup. The Freaky 2 Minutes Footage Stopped And There Was Another Part With A Murmur And Sounded More Like A Gurgled Cry. But There Was Screaming And There Was Like A Green Footage Behind The Part Of The Screaming. But Then The Closeup Came Back But This Time It Had Freaky Music And After That,A Russian Text Saying "Sights Of Hell Brings It's Viewer Back In" Appeared. After The Guard That First Watched The Video Commited Suicide. Oh And Also, Suicide Mouse Has "Suicide" In It's Name Because The Guard Commited Suicide After Watching The Video Of Suicide Mouse.

What do mouses live in?

Mouse live in dark places which are damp or near food supplies as they like to munch. They also live in attics.

What animals catch prey with its feet?

Mostly birds.. e.g owls eagels etc. they catch stuff like mouses & rats

What are some songs about suicide?

The best one is called Suicide is Painless by Johnny Mandel. There are others, like Suicide Solution by John "Ozzy" Osbourne, but that one is about alcoholism.

What is the best way to prevent suicide?

Don't kill Yourself!!! enjoy like and live to the fullest but don't do suicide

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