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what was the boys fashion in the 1950

Most men still wore formal grey suits, fedoras and ties (even when they weren't working) but the 1950s saw a revival of Edwardian fashions: drape jackets, brocade vests and thick-soled shoes known as creepers. The young men who wore these drape suits (often with bolo ties) were known as Teds.

In the late 1950s the American greaser look (leather jacket and blue jeans) became more popular in the UK, especially with bikers. They were known as Rockers as they loved rock n roll. In the 1960s their rivals were the scooter-riding Mods.

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Q: What Was The Fashion In 1950?
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simple just write fashion since 1950 and then write they had old clothes and finished and if this doesn't help go on a different page

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it reflected their place in socitey

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