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What Was The Fashion In 1950?


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what was the boys fashion in the 1950

Most men still wore formal grey suits, fedoras and ties (even when they weren't working) but the 1950s saw a revival of Edwardian fashions: drape jackets, brocade vests and thick-soled shoes known as creepers. The young men who wore these drape suits (often with bolo ties) were known as Teds.

In the late 1950s the American greaser look (leather jacket and blue jeans) became more popular in the UK, especially with bikers. They were known as Rockers as they loved rock n roll. In the 1960s their rivals were the scooter-riding Mods.


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Men's fashion between 1945 and 1950 varied according to various continents. In Africa, people still wore skins and hides. Generally the men's fashion during the time can be described as conservative.

Poodle Skirts came in fashion in the 1950's.

Christian Dior was a fashion designer that had a lot of influence on 1950s fashion. Rock and film stars were also very influential on fashion.

simple just write fashion since 1950 and then write they had old clothes and finished and if this doesn't help go on a different page

No, the fashion designer Andre Courreges did not go to fashion school. He actually studied to become a civil engineer. He did work with Jeanne LaFaurie and he was apprenticed to Balenciaga in 1950.

Women fashion in the 1950s was below the knee puffy dress made with stripped designs or mostly solid colors and hats.

Poodle skirts were a fashion fad during the 1950's.

The main fashion magazine in the 1950's was 'Life' magazine. This magazine featured the news stories from all over the world, including all the latest fashion trends from Paris. Paris, at that time, was the place to go to see all the new clothing styles.

F.C Gundlach has written: 'Fashion photography 1950-1975 ='

because some actors made costumes and it spread all over the world

It meant "un-cool" or not current with popular fashion and behavior.

Very funky I know that because in the 1960s the Jackson 5 looked fabulous :-)

During the late 1940's and early 1950's

Fashion in the early 1950s involved fancy dresses for women, and sleek suits for men. Accessories included scarves, high heels, hats and ties for men.

There use to be hippes and mini skits use to be very poplae

Chanel, Balinciaga, Givenchy and Dior. Anne Fogarty was famous for the Poodle Skirt.

if the man dresses like hes in the 1950 then he might.... but any hot due that dresses like 2009 will not like any one that dresses like their in the 1950...... and old fashion is not hot is just not right

drag racing , the krays, fashion , capital punishment , derick bently , + more hi sophia :)

The 1950's extremely different from our time. Their fashion, music, education, and entertainment was very diverse. Their fashion was diverse because the ladies wore nice clothes. They had nice long skirts and they always had to wear blouses. Some of the men wore leather jackets and extremely tight jeans. Those type of men were called greasers.

Live fashion - think fashion- do fashion

It impacted it due to the fact that woman, man, ladies, gentleman, and kids were more sophisticated and valued the family views.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is a famous french fashion desiner, who by the 1950's had intruduced "the little black dress" and several handbags. To this day her number one fregerance in chanel no. 5. She added gold chains to her handbags in the 1950's she called it the 2/55 bag.

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