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What Winston Churhilll do for the united kingdom as his time as prime minister?


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January 21, 2008 11:36PM

he was priminster during WW2 Churchill was no longer a young man when he became the British Prime Minister on May 10 1940, as a result of the resignation of Neville Chamberlain. However he was a man of great energy & passion. Undoubtedly his finest quality was his ability to communicate with the masses, and he made great speeches which appealed to people by their forthright manner. In modern parlance he was the master of the soundbite ! He was unrivalled in his position and might be seen as autocratic, but that was just what Britain needed in the dark days of 1940. His political past cannot be seen as unblemished by matters of judgment however. But in the war I believe there was little dissent within the Cabinet or in Parliament in Britain. His defeat in the post war general election, the labour landslide which elected Clement Attlee, might be exemplified by 1 slogan, much noted by the troops returning home from the war..... 'Cheer Winston : Vote Labour' Churchill was re elected in the susequent election, in 1951, and was PM until 1955