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Q: What Year did Batista win royal rumble?
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Who win the three times of royal rumble?


Who is going to win the 2012 royal rumble?


What year did the undertaker win the royal rumble?

Undertaker won the Royal Rumble in 2007

What year did john Morrison win the royal rumble?

john Morrison has never won the royal rumble.

How many times batistawon fromjohnsena?

they wrestled at summerslam 2008 and batista won so batista has 1 win over cena also batista did eliminate cena from the 2005 royal rumble to win it

What year did john cena win royal rumble?


What year did Chris Benoit win the Royal Rumble?


What year did Randy Orton win the royal rumble?


Which royal rumble did Goldberg win?

He has not won a royal rumble

Who will win the 2029 royal rumble?

will it is edge that is going to win the 2009 royal rumble

What year did Shawn Michaels win Royal Rumble?

Shawn Michaels has won the Royal Rumble twice: in 1995 and 1996.

Who will win Royal Rumble 2011?

ROYAL RUMBLE 2011Triple H will return and win the royal rumble.Alberto Del Rio won Royal Rumble 2011.

Who will win the Royal Rumble 2016?

I believe Triple H will win the 2016 Royal Rumble.

Who will be the one to win royal rumble?

2011 royal rumble KANE

Who will win royal rumble 2008?

john cena won this year

Will edge win the royal rumble?

yes edge will win the royal rumble cause he will be the 30th entrant

Did maven win the royal rumble?

No, Maven never won the Royal Rumble.

Who eliminated big show to win the royal rumble in the year 2000?

The Rock

Is Shawn Micheal going to win the rumble?

i dont know . but i know there are 2 ways. 1. HBK wins royal rumble and WRESTLEMANIA IS: HBK vs UNDERTAKER vs BATISTA 2. HBK loses royal rumble and WRESTLEMANIA IS: UNDERTAKER vs BATISTA anyway is not going to be HBK vs UNDERTAKER head to head

Did RVD ever win the royal rumble?

No RVD never won the royal rumble

What are the Royal Rumble 2010 predictions?

edge will win. the royal rumble is when his return date is

Who will win the royal rumble 2014?


Did bill goldberg win a royal rumble?

No he did not

Did Mark Henry win a royal rumble?


Who has win the royal rumble in 2012?