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Claude Monet first painted one of his first masterpieces in 1891 (Impression Sunrise).


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I believe this was from his Impression series painted around 1872-3.

Claude Monet born in 1840 and died in 1926.

The French Impressionist painter Claude Monet was born in 1840.The first painting to bring him to public attention was painted in 1866, and he continued to paint up to the year of his death, 1926.

The Charing Cross Bridge painting by Claude Monet was completed in 1900. Claude Monet died on December 5, 1926.

Monet died of lung cancer on December 5, 1926 at the age of 86.

he died on November 5, 1926

On 14 November 1840. 1840.

Yes he did; he had 1 year of it at the Paris school of art!

His biography doesn't tell us that information.

No answer possible. During the last 30 years of his life Claude Monet painted a few hundred paintings of water lilies.

it was paintedinthe year 1908 at fall in Venice

Claude Monet is a famous French impressionist painter. He died in the year 1926.

He did not discover it - he invented it together with Auguste Renoir.They did their first paintings in this style in 1869.

There is not only one painting of this title. Over the last 30 years Monet painted his pond over and over again

Claude Monet had two children with his first wife, Camille. The first child was Jean, and the second was Michel. Sadly, Camille died about a year after Michel was born.

Marie And Pierre Curie Gustave Eiffe Victor Hugo Claude Monet

Claude MonetThanks Ana Garcia My name is Coyote and the answer above just helped me finish my schooling for this year... Thanks

No, people thought of his work as childish, as if a 5 year old could have painted it. His work was referred to as "impression"

It is impossible to pinpoint when he first considered himself an artist. Maybe in 1857 when Boudin taught about painting on the beach of Trouville, where Monet put some of his pictures for sale in the window of a local shop.

In June 1861, Monet joined the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry in Algeria for a seven-year commitment, but, two years later, after he had contracted typhoid fever, his aunt intervened to get him out of the army.

Venice Twilight is a beautiful painting by Claude Monet. He painted this because, in the year 1911, Claude Monet's wife, Alice, died from spinal leukemia and because of this tragic event, Monet left many of his works unfinished until he finished this piece ( Venice Twilight). It is because it meant the most to him and his wife!

At 10 year old Monet went to Le Havre secondary school of the arts. His first drawing instruction was with Jacques-Francois Ochard. At about the age of 15 the artist Eugene Boudin became his mentor and friend. There were lots of other artists that contributed to Monets education but these were the first.You can either click the link below called Works, which is a rather boring list of titles.Or the one called Pictures, and scroll down that page to find to sets of reproductions.

Claude Debussy died at 25 March 1918.

He painted a bunch of different water lilies over the course of many years. If you are talking about the 42 foot triptych, which is possibly the most famous of his water lily series, he started painting them in 1899.

Claude Debussy had one daughter named Claude-Emma. Tragically, she died only a year after her father.

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