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We have a 1210M5 (Mandarin) in very good clean working condition. What do you think it could be worth?

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Why is the Mayflower important in the us?

Because otherwise there would be no purpose for Aprilshowers!

What is difference between branching and looping?

looping run condition contiously till a specific condition is true ,otherwise branching test condition at a time.

How many people fell overboard on the Mayflower?

No-one drowned or died otherwise during the transatlantic voyage. Only when the crew and passengers had to stay on board when the Mayflower harboured in Cape Cod during the winter in which they arrived, half of them died. Not from falling overboard, but from diseases.

What is condition will agamemnon give back chryseis?

his condition is for achilleus to fight in the war otherwise agamemonm wont give chrysis back.

Can hamsters eat watermelon seeds?

it depends on the condition of the hamster if it is healthy then yes otherwise no

What does NOS mean in medical reports?

NOS means "Not Otherwise Specified." This is used when the root of a condition or specific reason for a condition can't clearly be determined.

What is the value of a Remington modle 24?

what is the value of a Remington model 24 serial # 110390 22caliber rifle That would depend on original condition, condition, and condition, otherwise nothing to $1,200 new in the box

Can you put a male and a female bate in the same tank?

Only if the female is in breeding condition. If she is not in condition he will kill her. If she is in conditions he will spawn her and then she must be removed otherwise he will kill her.

Which condition is probably the most necessary for a monarch to gain power?

The death of the incumbent (from natural causes or otherwise).

What is the purpuse of if else statement?

if else statement is used to check for a condition.If the condition inside if block is true then statements inside if is executed otherwise statement in the else block is executed.

Can your male and female betta fish go together?

Only if they are in breeding condition. Otherwise he will simply kill her. If they do spawn, she must still be removed as soon as spawning is over otherwise he will kill her

What drugs are famous and affective?

You mean effective? For what condition-all drugs are effective for what they are indicated for, otherwise they wouldn't be on the market

If woman are pregnancy we can't do sexual activity?

Sex is completely safe unless you have a condition where your Dr tells you otherwise.

How much is a Canadian two dollar bill worth?

it depends in the condition of it otherwise it is worth $30-$100 dollars.

Condition time PILLING in textile ISO12945-2?

Until constant rate otherwise atleast 4 hrs

What does not otherwise specified in medical terms mean?

It's not described specifically by any of the other entries for that condition in the ICD book.

Is hypertension a pre-existing condition?

If it was diagnosed or if the insured otherwise had notice of it before making the application for insurance, yes.

What is the value of a 1943 Mein kampf book?

I found a slightly worn, but in otherwise good condition german version for $120.

Does pot smoking cause loss of vocal range?

the intake of marijuana, as long as it is not daily, has no risks(if you dont have a condition that says otherwise)

What is Switch statement and nested if statement?

Switch case: Lots of case are there which 1 matched go for it. It dont take condition in case.If else: take condition as argument. and if condition true then enter into body otherwise left the if block and go to immidiate next statement. If there have any nested if then it checks its condition and this way it works...

What will affect the sample size calculation for a clinical trial?

A cost-benefit analysis. In particular, the cost of the experiment, the consequences of getting the wrong result, the rarity (or otherwise) of the condition that you want to study, the variability of that condition in the population.

Can people with hypospadias join the military?

if it is Education Core then there are chances to accept you otherwise there are a lot of chances that you will be rejected, however, the condition of Hypospadias will be observed,

Is it bad to share make up with your mom?

No, UNLESS one of you have a skin condition, then yes it's a bad idea. Otherwise, no it's not bad.

What ingredient of salt kills bacteria?

NaCl -- that is, salt kills bacteria by stealing water and otherwise messing up the internal bacterial condition.

Explain different types of flags in 8085 microprocessor?

Zero flag: if result is 0 than it is set condition i.e.1 Other wise it is reset 0. Carry flag: if an extra bit arises than it is set condition I.e.1 otherwise it is reset 0. Sign flag: in it only D7 is considered. if D7 is 1 than it Is set condition i.e.1 but if D7 is 0 than it is reset i.e. is 0. Parity flag: if number of 1's in the answer is even than it Is set condition i.e.1 otherwise it is reset 0. Auxiliary carry flag: if a carry is generated in D3 & passed To D4 than ac flag is set condition i.e.1 otherwise it is Reset 0.