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Q: What a expression for Paul drove for one and a half hours at 65 mph before he realized he had forgotten his wallet How far was he from home?
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Paul drove for one and a half hours at 65 mph before he realized he had forgotten his wallet How far was he from home?

In the highly unlikely even that he drove in a straight line for the whole time, he would be 97.5 miles from home. In reality he would be closer.

What are the difference between realize and forget?

Realise happens after forget eg. I had forgotten my wallet. When I want to pay the canteen vendor for my food, I tried to feel for my wallet and realised that I left it at home.

How many times is a wallet forgotten?

depends what type of person you are a forgetter or a person who usually doesnt forget things

Did Tamaki find Haruhi's wallet before or after he found out she was a girl?

Before. He looked in her wallet and saw her identification, it said "female" on gender.

Where do you get the wallet majora's mask?

You get the adult wallet (200 rupees) by depositing 200 rupees in the bank. For the giants wallet (500 rupees) you have to beat the oceanside spider house before the end of the first day

Do coach wallets have a tag with made in china in them?

YESA!!! I bought a wallet at the Coach store and later realized it had made in china on it! I have 3 real handbags and none of them have it.

How do you use serenity in a sentence to explain a feeling you felt while studying at the library?

Serenity settled in while I realized I didn't lose my wallet and credit cards, studying at the library.

My friend put her wallet in her glove compartment and realized there is a hole in it. She can't find her wallet anywhere in the glove compartment. Where does the hole in the glove compartment lead to?

The inside of the glove compartment would not go through the firewall to the engine area. It might have slipped up into the dashboard if it isn't on the floor.

Who was joe wallet?

Joe wallet was the man who invented the wallet in 1962

What is a riddle that has clues that the answer is a wallet?


What has the author Taf Wallet written?

Taf Wallet has written: 'Taf Wallet'

Grammar question my wallet was stolen or my wallet got stolen?

my wallet got stolen

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