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What a some free modification that can be made to a 1998 350 Chevy pickup for increasing power?

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September 13, 2011 9:48PM

If you want completely free there are only a few:

- Clean your air filter. Remove and get rid of any dirt/junk. Always go from inside engine outwards to where dirt would have entered filter if you are blowing or using water (never put wet filter on engine).- See if there is intake tubing that restricts air flow that can be removed (sometime intake goes to fender well and big plastic peice there can be removed).- Increase air in your tires. Low tire pressure will slow down vehicle. Check tire specs for max cold value (go a few about under that when cold).- Clean spark plugs and re-gap. Also clean electrodes on plug wires. - If you have traditional distributor, you might be able to bump the timing up a couple degrees.

If you have a few dollars ($<100 total if you shop right):

- Order K&N cone off of eBay and replace intake runner with PVC pipes and rubber fittings from home depot. (Redneck Cold Air Intake)- Have cutouts welded into exhaust just before mufflers to reduce back-pressure.- Find a high performance coil pack on eBay and install for higher spark and put in champion copper plugs with a bit wider gap.