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There is a couple of things you can do. First the problem is making your stomach use to doing sit ups. Contracting your stomach during the day will help strengthen it some. Meaning suck it in and hold it for a couple of minutes, then relax your stomach it. Do this through out the day. Try regular sit ups with your feet under the bed and your hands behind your head, then lean forward until your torso touches your knees or close to them. Laying down leg lifts are good. And standing side bends helps also.

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Q: What ab exercises can you do if crunches are very uncomfortable?
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Great ab exercises?

crunches and sit ups

What are some easy ab toning exercises for beginners?

If you want to tone your ab muscles, you will have to diet and exercise. Some of the exercises that you could do are sit ups, crunches, leg kicks and dancing.

Why exercises are best to use on a weider crossbow 2000x to flatten your stomach and thighs together?

Some of the best exercises on the Weider Crossbow 2000X to flatten your stomach and thighs are leg presses, lying crunches, and seated ab crunches.

What are some ab workouts that I can do at home?

Ab workouts you can do at home include sit ups, crunches, bicycling, captains chair, leg crunches, long arm crunch, reverse crunch, and planking. All of these exercises will tone and strengthen your core.

What exercises should I do with a weider crossbow 2000x to tone my body?

Some exercises you can do on a Weider Crossbow 2000x to tone your body are calf raises, seated ab crunches, and rows.

Are there many different abs roller exercises?

There are many different exercises for the Ab Roller. They include Basic Crunch Ab Exercises, Oblique Crunch Ab Exercises, Bicycle Crunch Ab Exercises, Scissor Crunch Ab Exercises, and Double Crunch Ab Exercises.

What did Jim Kelly's ab workout consist of?

Jim Kelly's ab workout consists of a ton of exercises. For example, it consists of push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and bicycle crunches.

How can a teenager easily lose stomach fat?

you can do cardio exercises, which help you burn calories which burns fat. And do ab workouts like the bicycle and crunches :)

Is there an exercise that works all your ab muscles?

ab crunches work out your ab muscles.

What are the best exercises to strengthen my abs?

Crunches, bridges with leg lifts and balancing ab twists are good exercises that strengthen abs. If you have an exercise ball, incorporate this into your exercise as well by doing ball rollouts.

Are there ab exercises designed for Women?

To strengthen your core, there are many exercises that benefit women. Crunches done on a balance ball can be effective. Leg raises and elbow planks can also strengthen the abdominal region.

How did the guys from 300 get so ripped?

The "spartans" workout out alot. They did massive ab workouts, which is very difficult. They did some crunches and other ab workouts.

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