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What about Indian Experience as Long term sources of finance are concerned?

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What is the email address of Indian finance minister?

The email address of Indian finance minister

Duties of finance minister?

Indian Finance Minister is the head of Indian Finance Ministry which deals with taxation, financial legislation, financial institutions, capital markets, center and state finances, and Budget. Current Finance minister is Arun Jaitley.

Is a constitutional body as per the Indian constitution?

finance commsion

What is the full form of IRFC?

the indian railways fan club

Name of finance minister of India in 2009?

Pranab Mukherjee is new Indian Finance Minister in Manmohan singh's cabinet.

What is modified MPBF system in Indian context?

MPBF stands for Maximum Permissible Banking Finance in Indian Banking Sector. MPBF guidelines were suggested in Tandon commettee which were being followed by Indian Banks with lot of stringency. Corporates faced lot of problem in getting Finance from banks on account of stringency of the norms and they had to resort to other sources of finance at a higher cost these norms were dissolved. Consequently SBI, India's largest bank came out with its own guidelines which were on the similar lines but with relaxed norms which are being followed by all banks with slight personalisation and referred to as modified MPBF System in Indian context.

Indian can get job in Europe?

Sure normally in finance and indusrial sector

Who presents the Union Budget every year in the Indian Parliament?

The Finance Minister of India presents the budget each year.Finance Minister of India presents the Union Budget every year in the indian Parliament.

What has the author Brahmadeva Prasad Ambashthya written?

Brahmadeva Prasad Ambashthya has written: 'Non-Persian sources on Indian medieval history' -- subject(s): History, Sources 'Non-Persian sources of Indian medieval history' -- subject(s): History, Sources

What water sources border Israel?

Indian ocean

Indian sources to get solar module?

Yes, Indian sources simply get solar module. It's always been that way and that's the way that it most likely will stay

Who was the Finance minister in cabinate of First Indian republic governament?

ManMohan Singh

Which body of Indian government is published Economic survey of India?

Ministry of Finance

Did the Indian Finance Minister Increase Service Tax in the 2012 budget?

Yes he did

Was or was not the French and Indian War a nationalizing experience for colonial America?

The French and Indian War was NOT a nationalizing experience because it led to taxation without representation!

What is The primary agency concerned with Native American?

Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs

What is full form of DLF IPL?

Delhi Land and Finance Indian Premier League.

What are the qualifications required to become a Motor-man in Indian Railways?

bcomin finance

What is height of the Indian finance minister P Chidambaram?

Six Feet 3 inch

What are the fuel sources in the Indian ocean?

oil and natrual gas

What are the literary sources of modern Indian History?

dont no yaar

What are the sources of modern Indian history?

the sources of modern history of India were the literary sources like manuscripts,scrolls , books ,important documents etc.;the second would be archaeological sources and monuments and the third would be other sources like printing machine,photographs, broadcasts etc.

How do you contact finance minister p chidambaram?

Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram can best be contacted through his office. His office is located at India's Ministry of Finance, Cabinet Secretariat, Raisina Hill, New Delhi, India.

Can you suggest a good MBA Finance project title related to the Indian Capital Markets?


Did get license from the Indian ministry of finance?

I don't think so. Coz "seeing is believing".