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What about a socipath in the navy with all the rules?

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currently the US navy rules the sea thousands of years ago the Romans ruled the seas

The traditional rule of fashion is that you don't wear navy blue and black together. Of course, rules (especially fashion rules) are meant to be broken -- for example, there was a time when fashion rules dictated that high heels should not be worn with jeans, and now it is done all the time -- but still, in my opinion wearing navy blue and black together just looks stupid. If you're wearing navy blue or black, then you need a pale or a bright color to go with it: grey, beige, green, orange...anything but another dark color.

i am a sea cadet my self, i have been in the sea cadets for 4 years now, and the connection that the sea cadets have with the navy is that they follow the rules of the navy, like our orders, and rules, and dress codes. another thing that they have in common, is that they have the same uniform, and the same way we are meant to wear it.

Yes, all SEALs are members of the United States Navy; SEALs are Navy Special Warfare.

nothing really not much navy at all

Click the link below to see a PDF file of SECNAVINST-1650.1G, the rules for authorized Navy and Marine Corps awards.

Not all Navy Seals have to learn a different language. It is a plus if a Navy Seal done learn different languages.

The President is the Commander in Chief and he rules/commands of all the US Military Forces (US Navy, US Air Force, US Army (US Marines are part of the US Navy) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Navy seals all the way dude,

The American navy was almost no navy at all. However, the French navy was a respectable force second only to the British navy. The French navy helped the American Revolution immensely.

There are no separate rules for girls to join Merchant Navy. You will need to check with the maritime admission laws of your country. You can try the related link below more more information.

None. Navy Seals are all Navy. Marines are a completely different branch of military.

All the basketball rules applies to all players

That depends on what exactly you do in the Navy. Not all occupations in the Navy involve going out to sea.

Yes the Navy has a chaplain; all the Armed Services have a Head Chaplain.

Yes all Navy SEALS all male sorry. It is a all male group.All of the Special Forces teams are male only.

the shaker rules are that they all have to be the same

Because the German navy was not a strong navy, they had to rely on submarines to attack merchant ships...Guerre de Course (Commerce Raiding).

Indian Navy welcomes all citizens with all types of qualifications at different levels of Organisation.

Why does cricket have rules? All sports have rules. That's the nature of sports. They have rules, or they can't work.

All Navy Commanders are officers, not all officers are Navy Commanders. All Commanding officer are officers, not all officers are commanding officers.

so i can do my math homework and know all the rules so i can do my math homework and know all the rules

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