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What do you mean after exercise? I was told it was a crackd tailbone and to get pleanty of execise that next day Make sure otherwise you will be very stiff.

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What is the step costs in a hospital?

Efficiency steps are efforts to maintain cost in a hospital. It involved classifying the regency of the non elective surgeries, increasing the amount of patients served while cutting back on waiting time for emergency patients and hospital stay. While efficiency step efforts were executed the overall effectiveness of hospital is successful.

What branch of science is a EMT?

EMTs are involved in the field of emergency medicine. EMTs provide immediate pre-hospital emergency care, first aid, and transport to the sick, pregnant, and injured. What they can and cannot do varies depending on state and local protocol and the amount of training that the EMTs have.

What should you do if your car was damaged by an emergency vehicle?

Contact the the emergency services hotline and file a complaint. Get the details of the emergency services personnel, involved in the accident.

Which airline had one of their planes involved in an emergency landing?


Can you someone get arrested after being discharged from a hospital for intoxication?

Not if the cops were not involved before hand or while you were in the hospital.

What countries were involved in the malayan emergency?

The major countries involved in the Malayan Emergency were the UK, Australia, and Malaya. Countries that contributed but played a very small role were Fiji, New Zealand, and Rhodesia.

What are the different factors involved in this are?

This will be difficult to answer correctly if you don't tell us what "this" is.

What sort of exercise is Tom Daley involved in?

Jumping with trampolines.

What are the risks involved in getting emergency loans from financial sectors?

Emergency loans are typically granted by the federal government. You can apply with the federal government

What are the legal procedures involved in obtaining hospital certification and accreditation?

The legal procedures involved in obtaining hospital certification and accreditation would be to visit a local law firms and speak with a legal attorney or a college.

What is sublimination?

correctly spelled sublimationconversion of solid to gas without liquid involved

Which airline had one of their planes involved in an emergency landing in christchurch last week?

Pacific Blue

Are there any downsides to an elliptical exercise machine?

There are some negatives to an elliptical exercise machine like the potential for injury. With a good exercise regime and proper safety precautions there should be very little risk involved with an elliptical exercise machine.

What Two major neurotransmitters are involved in regulating physiological responses to exercise?

Acetylcholine and norepinephrine.

What joints involved abdominal crunch?

Its an isolation exercise, only the hip joint is used.

How much does it cost for a flu symptom in ER without insurance?

Some emergency rooms charge a minimum flat rate for the visit. The ultimate charge depends upon the services provided. Naturally, the hospital, where it is located, the type of care provider involved (such as an RN vs. a physician) all figure into the cost. There is no "usual" due to the variables involved, regardless of the reason for the visit.

What is involved in a stress test?

It requires patients to exercise on a treadmill or exercise bicycle while their heart rate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG), and symptoms are monitored.

What is a medic?

Medic is a general term for a person involved in medicine, especially emergency or first-response medicine. == ==

Once a plan is developed its content should be shared with only those who will be involved in the emergency operations?


When a hospital is involved in a lawsuit what part of the health care team is responsible for participation?

Many people can be a party to the law suit. The director of each hospital will consult with his legal staff and prepare their response to any law suit. IF the law suit was filed against a doctor in the emergency room then that doctor will be a party to the case. The staff on duty who was directly involved could also be a party to the law suit. Your question is very braod. If you file a law suit the Insurance company who holds the liability policy will also respond with their lawyers.

Why do you get muscle cramps?

Dehydration, in combination with vigorous exercise of the muscles involved, is the most frequent cause.

What percent of Americans are involved in sufficient regular exercise to keep them in good physical shape?


What form of exercise is sedentary activity?

Sedentary activity means just sitting, passively. Precious little exercise is involved in just sitting (and watching tv, for instance).

Incident type is the combination of involved factors that affect the probability of control of an incident?

Emergency managemtn working group

What is involved in an estate search by a hospital trying to get medical bills paid after death of a person without a will?


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