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None, really. If you can draw well and people find your work entertaining, why bust your butt getting a degree? If you want to do cartooning as a career, it helps to make some connections with publishers, magazines, etc. An agent can help you do that. that's right

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Q: What academic skills does a cartoonist need?
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What skills do you need to be a cartoonist?

Creativity and imagination.

How do you become a successful cartoonist?

To become a successful cartoonist you will need a portfolio with great artwork that you did. Taking classes in animation in college helps improve you skills.

Do you have to have your GED to be a cartoonist?

No, you don't need a GED to be a cartoonist.

What skills do you need to have good job?

Academic,Experience,Communiation,Punctuality and presentation.

How many years of schooling does a cartoonist need?

A cartoonist would need about 99 years of schooling

What are the working conditions of a cartoonist?

The working conditions of a cartoonist are very laid back. They need it to be quiet and most cartoonist can work from home.

What artistic skills are needed to become a cartoonist?

To become a cartoonist, I think you would need to have a very creative personality. Though it's not exactly an artistic talent, you'd have to be a fairly social character with a good sense of humor. You need to be able to draw funny pictures and make them colorful.

Do cartoonist's need a degree?

You would probably need a degree in art, graphic design. you can just decide you, yourself wants to be a cartoonist.

What are the skills required for being a cartoonist?

You need to have a creative mind and a visual impact of things in different ways. you need to have an eye for details and a god colour vision. and of course, stamina and patience. if you don't have those basic skills, you are dead in cartoons!!!

What do you need to be a cartoonist?

you need a bobthebuilder plush toy

Does property management require specific skills?

Property management is like business. You need to have a good business skills and also communication skills for that particular job or academic for you to be able to be good at it.

Do you need a specific degree to be a cartoonist?


What kind of personality do need to become a nurse?

You need: 1. Good interpersonal skills ('people skills'). 2. Reasonably good academic abilties. 3. The ability to fit into a hierarchic organization.

How many years of college do you need to become a cartoonist?

i want to find out how manny years does it take you to be an cartoonist?

Is there a business in need of a cartoonist?

have you ever watched a Walt Disney cartoon show. that is drawing is there a need for cartoonist yes always . even your news papers use cartoonist charlie brown even the smiley face is a cartoon

What are School Academic Skills?

Nothing. 85% of things you learn in school you will never need to use in the real world

What education do you need to be a cartoonist?

you do not need an education to become one.

What do you need to study to become a cartoonist?

Art and drawing should be studied to become a cartoonist. Other courses that are recommended to become a cartoonist are fine arts and graphic animation.

Which sentence is correct Peer editing academic papers require critical-thinking skills and diplomacy or Peer editing academic papers requires critical-thinking skills and diplomacy?

Peer editing academic papers requires critical-thinking skills and diplomacy.

What attributes does a cartoonist need?

Creativity and artistry.

Skills of cartoonisets?

A cartoonist has many different skills. Not only does a cartoonist know how to draw, but they have the ability to understand computer animation, drawing, art tools, humor and wit, writing for dialogue in cartoons, and know current topics and current events.

What requirements do you need to get into USF?

It takes a high grade point average. & it has to be maintained, and academic skills. its definitely not easy.. :)

Do Cartoonist make video games?

No, it takes other skills to make video games.

What high school courses do you need to take to be a cartoonist?

courses for cartoonistyou will need to take an arts class and a drawing class. you will need to puk a bluewaffle then eat it

What qualifications are needed for a cartoonist?

I do not think that you need certain qualifications. But it will depend on what you want to do. If you want to become a newspaper cartoonist, you probably don't need anything. But for an animatior you probably need an art degree.