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The Mound Builders built great Mounds like the Monk's Mound which was over 100 ft tall,

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Q: What accomplishments did Mound Builders have?
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What are the mound builders accomplishments?

They produced great mounds, and the Monk's Mouund which was over 100 ft. tall.

How did Mound Builders survive?

how did the mound builders survive

How did the mound builders communicate?

the mound builders commancated in spainnsh

What tribes are mound builders?

the mississippians were a tribe of the mound builders

What is known about the Mound Builders in the North East US?

the mound builders

Which of these people had slaves the plains Indians or the mound builders?

mound builders

Where did the mound builders live and live in?

The Mound Builders live in Ohio.

What is mound builders jelwlery purpose?

what is mound builders jewery meant for

What is the Mississippians culture?

the mississippians are mound builders and they are the last of the mound builders in the usa

Did mound builders make things?

yes Mound Builders made things............

What state did the mound builders travel to?

The Mound Builders cruised to tokyo, Japan

Where does mound builders live in?

The mound builders lived in the eastern part of the U.S.

Where were women on the caste system of the mound builders?

The mound builders had no caste system.

Why did these builder mound?

my answer is builders mound

What happened to the Mound Builders?

It is believed that many of the Mound Builders fell victim to disease. This occurred when the Conquistadors arrived. They brought with them diseases that the Mound Builders could not fight off.

How were the mounds an important part of the culture of the mound builders?

They were important because the mound builders used them for burial chambers and temples, and religion was an important part of the mound builders culture.

What is a sentence for mound builders?

The ancient mound builders were very skilled professionals.The archaeological site gives important insight into the lives of mound builders.

What are the houses of the Mound Builders?

Houses of the Mound Builders are called Longhouses. im confused what is it lol

What is the language that mound builders spoke?

Mound builders spoke in a language of what is called Indian English.

Do mound builders live east of the Mississippi?

Yes, there were mound builders up and down the eastern coast.

What kind of food did the mound builders eat?

the mound builders ate bison,fish,berries,and elk.

When did the mound builders come to America?

I believe the mound builders came across America in the early 1900s.

What did the mound builders use for transportation?

The mound-builders used the river for transportation. They built a series of interlocking canals. Many archaeologists believe that the artificial rivers in the southern US were handed down by the mound-builders.

Who built great serpent mound?

Mound Builders

What were mound builders houses called?

mound house