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Binary acid

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Q: What acid is composed of hydrogen and a nonmetal?
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Is Dilute sulfuric acid a Non Metal?

Sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is a nonmetal consisting only of nonmetal hydrogen, oxygen, and sulphur atoms.

What two elements is Hydrochloric acid composed of?

Hydrochloric acid is composed of hydrogen and chlorine.

Is muriatic acid an ionic bond or covalent bond?

•Muriatic acid (HCl) hydrogen(H) and Chlorine(Cl). Nonmetal + NonMetal so its a ionic Bond

What is the term for a compound containing hydrogen and a nonmetal dissolved in water?

Binary Acid

What molecule is composed of carbon hydrogen oxygen and nitrogen and phosphrus?

nucleic acid

What causes HCl to become an acid?

HCI is the chemical formula for Hydrochloric acid. HCI is composed of a hydrogen ion and a chloride ion. The hydrogen ion causes HCI to become an acid.

Acids is named nonmetal stem plus ic acid?

This is not valid for all acids:- nitric acid is HNO3- hydrogen fluoride is HCl; only the solution is called hydrochloric acid.

Is hydrogen cobalt an acid?

Acids are usually a compound between a hydrogen anion and an anion (nonmetal ion). Hydrogen and Cobalt both form cations, so a compound between them is unlikely. So the answer would have to be no.

Is CaBr2 an acid base or salt?

It is the combination of a metal (other than hydrogen) and a nonmetal, forming a salt.

What is an element that is nonmetal?


Is hydrogen metal non-metalmetalliod?

Hydrogen is a nonmetal.

Does water have any acid?

Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen so naturally, no acid is involved. Unless if you intentionally added acid on water then that is another story