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What actions can be taken on a non-custodial father who is behind on child support and he is out running the streets on drugs?

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2006-09-23 18:26:12

He can be subsequently jailed for drug charges and that he's an

endangerment to his children due to the choice of lifestyle. Liens

can be placed on property of value like his car or anything of

value to get the behind child support. * Child support arrearages

is a civil matter and has nothing to do with the alledged drug

activities. Recovery of child support arrearages and enforcement of

child support orders can be done in two ways, by the custodial

parent filing a lawsuit in the state circuit court in the county of

residence or by enlisting the assistance of the state's child

support enforcement agency. If the father has visitation or

custodial rights and he is placing the child in jeopardy by his

lifestyle the custodial parent should request an investigation by

the state's department of child protective services.

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