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I would think you would need to prove it in court. Whatever area you think they are unfit, you will need physical proof, not just hearsay, for example: drug addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment. I would talk to your local Social Services and ask them what steps need to be taken.

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Q: What actions need to be taken to prove that a mother is unfit?
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How do you prove a cheating wife an unfit mother?

A cheating wife is not necessarily an unfit mother, unless she is not looking after the children properly and that fact isn't only the purview of a cheating wife.

How can you prove someone unfit?

prove they have mental health problems wich restrict them from taken part in everday life prove they are on drugs or abusive or dont care

Can your mother take your daughter from you?

yes she can if she prove s to law enforcement that you are unfit and then files for temporary guardianship.

Can you get your children if your wife is caught cheating?

That has nothing to do with the children. You have to prove she is an unfit mother and that she is unable to care for the kids.

What does your husband and you have to do to prove your daughter is an unfit mother?

Leave her with a child that has been promised a basket of chocolates if he is naughty.

How do you prove a mother unfit in tn?

You don't. You provide proof of the Best Interest of the child. Targetting the mother is never a good idea.See links

Can a mother be considered unfit if she and her kids move in with her boyfriend?

This is not considered an unfit mother. Where a mother lives is not anything that makes a mother fit or unfit. A mother who is a drug addict or an alcoholic that is drunk all the time is an unfit mother.

How can you prove your ex wife an unfit mother People have told us she is doing drugs and lives with her mother. My 3 yr old wants to call his aunt mom because he is the one taking care of him.?

You can prove your ex-wife an unfit mother by documenting the abuses. If she is doing drugs, make a note of the episodes and any arrests.

Can a 16 year old living in Illinois with her mother move to Oklahoma with her brother and his family without her mother's permission?

Unless your brother and his family can prove your mother is unfit to raise you then no, you can't legally move out of your mother's home. If your mother is unfit and your brother and his family want you to live with them then they will have to go to court for custody.

How can you prove your ex wife an unfit mother People have told us she is doing drugs and lives with her mother. My 23 yr old wants to call his aunt mom because he is the one taking care of him.?

You will have to have proof that she is using drugs in order to use that in a court hearing to try to get custody of your child. Her living with her mother does not qualify as being an unfit parent and if the child is 23 years old then they are an adult so there should be no reason to need to prove your ex wife is an unfit mother.

If the father wants to leave the mother can he take the child with him?

A father can take his child with him if he can prove that the mother is unstable or unfit to care for the child. Also, the mother can give him her permission to take the child.

How can my mother-in-law get custody of my children?

you can sign the custody over to her or she could go to a judge and try to prove you unfit to take care of them and prove her having custody in their best interest

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