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What actions need to be taken to prove that a mother is unfit?


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2012-01-09 16:03:47
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I would think you would need to prove it in court. Whatever area you think they are unfit, you will need physical proof, not just hearsay, for example: drug addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment. I would talk to your local Social Services and ask them what steps need to be taken.


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A cheating wife is not necessarily an unfit mother, unless she is not looking after the children properly and that fact isn't only the purview of a cheating wife.

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prove they have mental health problems wich restrict them from taken part in everday life prove they are on drugs or abusive or dont care

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That has nothing to do with the children. You have to prove she is an unfit mother and that she is unable to care for the kids.

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yes she can if she prove s to law enforcement that you are unfit and then files for temporary guardianship.

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Leave her with a child that has been promised a basket of chocolates if he is naughty.

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