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What activities can you do with a child at 10 months physically?

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Play games that encourage moving around, crawling or scooting. At 10 months a child's development should be around the stage of crawling, pinching fingers, talking or learning words like dadda or momma or even NO! Also, independence is just around the corner.

Relay games can help encourage crawling or scooting. Place blocks (toys) at one side of the room and sit at the other side. Use strong words rather then "baby talk" to encourage vocabulary and ask for a block (toy). Once you have been given a block, place it in front of you and then give LOTS of praise for a job well done, then ask for another (point at the other blocks). As you get more and more blocks stack them up. When they are all stacked spend a few minutes praising the child for such a great job.

For fine motor skills, pincher fingers. Change the way the child eats. Start by placing cereal on a tray or table in front of him. Lots of encouragement is needed to get the this started. Also, show by example. Take one piece and put it in YOUR mouth. Then say your turn or you can do it.

With any child, get outside. Sit on a blanket or on the grass. Take a walk with a stroller. Try joining a mommy and me group, for helpful tips and a chance to talk to others that have been where you are now.

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Q: What activities can you do with a child at 10 months physically?
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