What actors and actresses appeared in Beavis and Butt-Head - 1993?

The cast of Beavis and Butt-Head - 1993 includes: Farrah Abraham as herself Ray Adell as Announcer in Police Van Charles Adler as Mr. Adler Pamela Adlon as Post Office Worker Pamela Adlon as School Therapist John Ales John Ales as Teacher John Andrews as Female contortionist John Andrews as Minister John Andrews as Mr. Spelling John Andrews as Phil Quicksand as Themselves Trez Bayer Bonnie Brantley as Additional Voices Bonnie Brantley as Additional Voices (1996) Kristofor Brown as Additional Voices Kristofor Brown as Additional Voices (1993-1997) Kristofor Brown as Boz Kristofor Brown as Chainsaw-wielding Farmer Kristofor Brown as Cop Kristofor Brown as Doctor Kristofor Brown as Drunk Dude at bar Kristofor Brown as Rabid Ron Kristofor Brown as Robber Kristofer Brown as Security Guard Phil Christopher Mike de Seve as Film director Gideon Evans as Dr. Leibowitz Gideon Evans as Hotel Manager Tony Fretage as Immigration Officer Bobcat Goldthwait as Bum Bobcat Goldthwait as Panhandler Gilbert Gottfried as Gus Baker Tracy Grandstaff as Daria Morgendorffer Tracy Grandstaff as Mrs. Stevenson Tracy Grandstaff as Ms. Tress Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel Steve Gunderson as Judge Christian Hali as Additional Voices David Herman as Chinese Masseur David Herman as Interrogating Officer David Herman as Karate Instructor Toby Huss as Henry Toby Huss as Todd Ianuzzi Chris Isaak as himself Jennifer Jane Emerson as Additional Voices Sam Johnson Sam Johnson as Additional Voices Sam Johnson as Drive-thru customer Sam Johnson as Mr. Hererra Dean Julian as Earl Dean Julian as Foul-mouth Bus Driver Dean Julian as Mr. Manners Dean Julian as Neo-Anderson Dean Julian as Peter Small Dean Julian as Tommy Masako Kanayama as Additional Voices Randall Kaplan Yvette Kaplan as Additional Voices Randall Kaplan as Additional Voices Janice Kawaye as Kimberly Monica Keena Monica Keena as Massage Woman Monica Keena as Teacher Robin Kipp David Koechner as Mall Security Guard David Koechner as Tech Support Supervisor David Letterman as himself Sam Macaroni as News Anchor Sam Macaroni as Steven Sam Macaroni as Various Chris Marcil as Police Officer Joel McKean as Cop Michael McKean as David St. Hubbins Joel McKean as Immigration Officer Rottilio Michieli as Maxi-Mart Clerk Rottilio Michieli as Todd Ianuzzi Thomas Middleditch Thomas Middleditch as Teacher Lori Nasso Lori Nasso as Elevator Woman Lori Nasso as Lawyer Lori Nasso as Megan Lori Nasso as Teacher Laraine Newman as Biology Teacher Laraine Newman as Teacher Deena Nicole Cortese as herself Dolly Parton as herself Chris Phillips as Car Dealership Owner Tony Pipitone as Additional Voices Peyton Reed as Man Dale Revo as Additional Voices Michael Ruschak Harry Shearer as David Small Tabitha Soren as herself David Spade as Mr. Candy David Spade as Mr. Manners David Spade as Ticket Attendant Penelope Trud as Mrs.Dickie Hiroki Tsukui as Additional Voices Christine Walters as Additional Voices