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The cast of Cleaner - 2007 includes: Sarah Ann Schultz as Reporter Paula Felton Lili Asvar as Detective Stephanie Barnes as Marcy Heather Bloom as Reunion Friend Edrick Browne as Det. Darrin Harris Christa Campbell as Coach Beth Jensen Kip Cummings as Hearse Driver Jon Dainty as Off-Duty Fireman Brad Dison as News Crew Boom Operator Wayne Douglas Morgan as Off Duty Police Officer Tammy Eaton as Reunion Friend Richard F Law as Police Officer Ron Fagan as Detective Ted Ferguson as The Hot Dog Man Robert Forster as Arlo Grange Rosemary Garris as Detective Chuck Halley as Newspaper Photographer Ed Harris as Eddie Lorenzo Walt Hollis as Off Duty Police Officer Jackson Hurst as Ryan Ron Jacobsohn as Church Custodian Sara Jane Henriques as Gabriella Yuriana Kim as Korean Woman Patrick Kirton as Jeff Lang Maggie Lawson as Cherie Linda Leonard as Francine Mason Marc Macaulay as Vic Josh Madden as News Crew Camera Operator Mike Martindale as Detective Amy McGee as Magazine Stand Patron Eva Mendes as Ann Norcut Ritchie Montgomery as George Walton Jose Pablo Cantillo as Miguel Desi Page as Jump Roper Keke Palmer as Rose Cutler Jeannie Perrin as Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Participant Cynthia Riser as News Crew Reporter Angelina Rivera as Lila Rosalind Rubin as Crying Woman Cassidy Smith as Mourner - Grand-daughter Bill Stinchcomb as Detective Peyton Wetzel as Hotel Manager Julie Wittner as Voice Over

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Q: What actors and actresses appeared in Cleaner - 2007?
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