What actors and actresses appeared in Knights of the Round Table - 1953?

The cast of Knights of the Round Table - 1953 includes: Julia Arnall as Bit Role Felix Aylmer as Merlin Stanley Baker as Modred John Brooking as Bedivere Jill Clifford as Bronwyn Anne Crawford as Morgan Le Fay Michel De Lutry as Dancer Valentine Dyall as Narrator Gwendoline Evans as Enid Mel Ferrer as Arthur Anthony Forwood as Gareth Ava Gardner as Guinevere Peter Gawthorne as Bishop Mary Germaine as Brigid Ann Hanslip as Nan Laurence Harvey as Undetermined Minor Role Desmond Llewelyn as A Herald Niall MacGinnis as Green Knight Patricia Owens as Lady Vivien Roy Russell as Leogrance John Sherman as Lambert Maureen Swanson as Elaine Robert Taylor as Lancelot Alan Tilvern as Steward Robert Urquhart as Gawaine Stephen Vercoe as Agravaine Gabriel Woolf as Percival Martin Wyldeck as John