What actors and actresses appeared in Marjorie and Men - 1985?

The cast of Marjorie and Men - 1985 includes: George Baker as Norton Phillips Hetty Baynes as Maggie Terence Beesley as Wine waiter Lisa Bergmayr as Ballroom dancer Joseph Brady as Bob McNulty Michelle Collins as Debbie James Cossins as Henry Bartlett Jonathan Elsom as Head waiter Peter Fenn as Hotel organist Miranda Forbes as Dancing instructress Paul Greenhalgh as Desk clerk Patricia Hayes as Alice Tripp Mark Kingston as Kenneth Beresford Mary Maxted as Ballroom dancer Charles Milward as Ballroom dancer Lola Morice as Ballroom dancer John Quayle as Frank Aston Ken Robson as Ballroom dancer Patricia Routledge as Marjorie Belton Ronnie Stevens as Sid Parkin Jeanne Watts as Beryl Timothy West as George Banthorpe