What actors and actresses appeared in The Taint - 2011?

The cast of The Taint - 2011 includes: Giancarlo Agar as Machete Misogynist Charles Bevan as Neutered Misogynist Jarrod Blackwood as Crazy Misogynist Ariel Canton as Gina Cody Crenshaw as Houdini Hannah Elvington as Bridge Girl Brandon Gene Cruz as Brown Eye Paul Glansdorp as Saw Misogynist Shawn Hambright as Balloon Knot Gabriella Herzberg as Sandy Aaron Jaek as Camouflaged Misogynist Autumn Kulaga as Farmers Daughter Mister Lobo as Cockzantium Spokesperson Michele Lombardi as Ironing Girl Cameron McConnell as Rock Licker Whitney Misch as Old Lady Misogynist Carlton Morgan as Watermelon Head Misogynist Sarah Riddick as Donalds Wife Anna Sagatov as Gushing Eyes Girl Alison Self as Slow-mo Boob Girl Kailie Smith as Head Sawed Half Girl Herschel Stratego as Large Cocked Man Paul Stulgaitis as Super Tall Misogynist Freddy The Dog as Dog Cary Tipton as Giggly Misogynist Danielle Tipton as Killed Running Girl Thomas Tye as Suave Daddy Rebecca Vanegas as Whipped Girl Colleen Walsh as Misandra Selma Zlatarevic as Crashing Airplane Girl