What actors and actresses appeared in To Be or Not to Be - 1983?

The cast of To Be or Not to Be - 1983 includes: Phil Adams as Airport Sentry Anne Bancroft as Anna Bronski Ivor Barry as General Hobbs Scott Beach as Narrator Earl Boen as Dr. Boyarski Henry Brandon as Nazi Officer Mel Brooks as Dr. Frederick Bronski George Caldwell as Gestapo Guard Patrice Cole as Theater Patron Clare Culhane as Lady Ron Diamond as Pub Bartender Charles Durning as Col. Erhardt Gillian Eaton as Pub Barmaid Paddi Edwards as Pub Waitress George Gaynes as Ravitch William Glover as Major Cunningham Robert Goldberg as Hitler Adjutant Ronny Graham as Sondheim Leeyan Granger as Lady Sandra Gray as Lady Richard Halpern as Theater Patron Robin Haynes as Polish Flier Milt Jamin as Gestapo Soldier Henry Kaiser as Gestapo Officer Zale Kessler as Bieler Ron Kuhlman as Polish Flier Frank Lester as Officer in Command Car Christopher Lloyd as Capt. Schultz Curt Lowens as Airport Officer Laurie Manning as Lady Terence Marsh as Startled British Officer Tim Matheson as Lt. Andre Sobinski Winnie McCarthy as Picadilly Usherette John McKinney as Elite Guard Officer Wolf Muser as Desk Sergeant John Otrin as Polish Flier Paul Ratliff as Naval Officer Estelle Reiner as Gruba Eda Reiss Merin as Frightened Jewish Woman Blane Savage as Polish Flier Joey Sheck as Polish Flier Marley Sims as Rifka Raymond Skipp as R.A.F. Flight Sergeant Stephanie Wingate as Lady George Wyner as Ratkowski Antoinette Yuskis as Lady