Brown Bears

What adaptations does a brown bear have?

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  • They have thick insulating coats and tend to be large which enables them to retain their body heat


  • They protect their young by attacking any predator/prey (anything that can pose a threat or harm to the cubs)
  • They hibernate during the winter.


  • Sharp claws and teeth which help them during the attack of their prey

1. Their excellent sense of smell that helps them find food rather than their poor eyesight.

2. Their curved claws that help them dig for roots(food)

3. Their thick fur and layer of fat help insulate them in their extreme climate

4. Their claws also help them rip apart their prey

5. Their claws also help them catch fish for their cubs.

They are big and eat other animals.

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their brown so they can hide in dirt and their fat so if they need money they can go on the biggest loser

Brown bears have adapted to hibernate in the winter when food is scarce. They also have large sharp claws to dig in the dirt to find food.

Brown bear, and the grizzly is a race of the brown bear.

The Brown bear is way bigger then the black bear. The brown bear is also more aggressive.

the Alaskan brown bear is endangered No, the brown bear is not an endangered species.

The Kodiak is a race of the brown bear.

A lion would beat a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear. But for a polar bear, it would be a draw. Brown bear. Brown bears were put to fights with lions before, and the brown bear simply killed the lion.

The Kodiak Bear, also known as the Alaskan Bear Brown.

The brown bear is a large bear that can be found around Eurasia and North America. The brown bear is the most omnivorous animal in the world.

The grizzly is a race of the brown bear, somewhat smaller than coastal races of the brown bear.

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Yes a brown bear is a mammal.

The brown bear is a mammal.

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The European brown bear. Though it is rare!

The Eurasian brown bear is commonly known as the brown bear is Ursus arctos arctos.

Yes. A brown bear, especially a grizzly bear, would kill and eat a black bear.

if it's a brown bear, yes if it's a black bear, no if it's a polar bear, no if it's a grizzly bear, yes

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there just brown

yes, unlike polar bear with white fur and a black under coat the grizzly bear is brown on brown

nothing they are the same bears a grizzly is a brown bear :]

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